Death from yesterday

wow… that was a rotten day yesterday I had a migrane so bad I couldn’t deal with life! I cant believe it … but its gone now thanks for my lovely Davis who took care of me. He’s a sweety and I really don’t know what I’d do without him…. so I don’t remember too much about yesterday…

I’m not too worried about money like I was the last time, I’m still pretty stressed over it like I was, but that’s a private thing too… You’ll find out soon about why. I know its not important how much I’ve been stressing… and what the hell… I’ve been listening to Weird Al a lot lately… the new CD is actually really good… I think i have to switch to Maroon5 soon… mmmmm… thats a little better.

We went to lunch at Applebee’s today since we could in between my classes and since hes off today. I really hate when I’m busy when he’s home like this but I want us to have a good life together. I love him a lot… we met this nice girl at lunch she was our waitress but she went to my college and it was so funny because she was a soc major and is going for her grad degree and we talked about how useless our degrees are but someday we’ll be out of food service and have good jobs that pay a lot. She lives with an Actor Musician so they’re living in a cardboard box… and i said I married someone with a real job to keep myself out of the box. She was a sweety, I liked getting to talk to her and Davis and I talked about Haircuts and wild hair and Donna and her mullet thing….

Last night at work was a really long night and I had to leave early because of the migrane. I don’t get them a lot but last night was just a killer…. and we ran out of little carrot cakes and that made me so sad because that meant I had to be Cinderella and clean like hell and with all the bending and stretching I just felt sick sick sick. We spent lunch together and I thought i was getting better but i was so close to puking too, i guess that might have made me feel better but i didn’t. So i went home at 8 instead of 9. I really, really didn’t want to loose the hour of pay like I did but I just couldn’t make it. Went home… I was so happy when he got there and he told me he got me into a bath and took good care of me and i think i was asleep from 8:30 to almost 9 this morning and now I feel like i have a headache hangover. Everyone knows what that feeling is. I’m just glad that its totally gone now.

well, I have class at 2:20 and i need to do my readings and a few other things … so I guess i’ll end this one and post more later. When I get out of class Davis and I are going to go clothes shopping for him… I really hope we find him some nice Cargo pants… He’ll look good in them,