tonights ritual

well … its always a mixed bag when i go to these things. As always it was great to see Lady Mary & Lady Crystal and Lord Rik … the usual group that i do talk to often but not like that… but…its hard when i feel like we all started at that place at the same time and now they are all HP/s and i'm just going to be 2nd degree. its hard sometimes.

this was the 5th year we've done Samhain here … i've been to all of them. and i really need to go to the public rituals more. It's not as fun since the 2 covens really formed … originally Lady Mary said no covens and she wouldn't train anyone under 50…things changed a lot

it was a nice ritual, i was able to help set up and spend time over there and really … i got to be Lady Marys handmaiden too. I missed getting to do that. I even got to put glitter in my hair and it was just very nice. i really enjoyed it a lot. … … … lots of glitter in my hair.

the ritual itself was beautiful, after we turned the wheel I was one of the first ones to run out and grab people to pull them into the circle so we could run and dance. i ran so hard and danced so much that i couldn't even breath my lungs were on fire so bad.

and i met 3 other girls who go to Moravian and had to tell me how great i am for breaking the ground for the next group of wiccan girls to come up and be able to practice and learn and be accepted. i am so proud i was able to do that for them. we're going to get together this week and get to know each other and see what we can do and iif there is anything else i can do to help them continue through that school.

i have rehab early tomorrow, i should try to sleep… I have to get up at 4am with Davis too so we can get him to work… oh well … sleep again another day/later. something.

oh and we went to wawa and i got my first turkey gobbler bowl of the season!!! woohoo


everytime i see a sign and i think its funny i think im going to get fired from my job and freak out … like tomorrow i’m going to go in and be told that i am fired and have to go home … i am so scared of that happening. i am trying so so so so so hard to be a good girl …. i try… i just feel like i am back at Dunkin all over again and its like a heartbeat away from unemployment because my management is mean.

 i need to calm down …

i woke up with the worst migrane today … its from the lidopatch on my shoulder … i forget exactly how sensitive that i am to those things and how sick they make me the next day today was hell and i felt soooo sick and everything from it. now im tired and i still have a headache…. 5 or 6 motrin later all day i still have it. so ive been flooding myself and now i have had some cafeen and i feel a bit better

um… tomorrow is Mariels birthday, i miss her.

i watched 'not the messiah – he's a very naughty boy' and a beauty and the beast special on the making of the movie and a few other things today and did some of my homework for SM 

oh… and student loans suck

but i'm off work again friday.

thats all for now … i need to make supper and finish cleaning and doing stuff to keep myself occupied.

:: End Transmission::