I made a resoloution ..but I read on some website that that their easier to keep if you don't tell anyone, so thats what im doing. nyyyah.

but… I do have one last parting word for this year, Black Crowes said it best

"It's been a long december and there's reason to believe that maybe this year will be better than the last"

Writer’s Block: Bah Humbug Day!


if the stupid men who I work with leave their houses like they do the department …. then they all live in a pigs byre! I can't stand cleaning up after them! Take out your own trash, break down your own cardboard and PUT YOUR OWN SHIT AWAY! I am not your maid/mother/servant.

GROW UP. Stop making dirty, revolting, perverted jokes… this isn't a frat house or a locker room!


ahhhh… much better

epic fail again

So I went and met the new-new dentist hes ok and gave me different drugs to use when I now go in JANUARY to get these teeth fixed that have needed to be fixed since the end of July/Begining of August. This all still freaks me out a lot that it's going this way and taking so long now that there are 2 holes in my teeth….I cant stop playing with it though because its annoying and I want it done. I wish I was better and things weren't like this. I cant fix them though … I just dont know.

anyway … I have to head down to my moms now … her oven is broken and the cookie exchange is Friday so either way I HAVE to make all the cookies … fuck fuck fuck.

ok…enough bitching time to get going. It's not like I'll be down there forever anyway.


so I call to confirm my appointment to go to the dentist and be sedated for tomorrow and they tell me that my guy has left the practice and someone new is going to be working on me. I don't think so not without meeting him first!

 even said that its ok that I wanted to talk to the guy first … but that means I still have a temporary … and 4 teeth that need to be fixed and god knows when thats going to be. Im just really upset about the whole thing. I want this done so bad and I feel like such a gigantic fail that it's so easy for so many other people but nothing is for me.

… I get to get checked for Diabetes soon too because of other problems I'm having. This is one of the days I feel like I'm falling apart. I mean … fuck … even the god damn add on the side of my screen is for that… is this a joke?!

nope … couldn't make it through the whole night of work with christmas light foot … but the damn bus didn't come so my   had to come get me and leave work early. I love him he's amazing.

my foot hurts like hell…. but i'm off tomorrow so life is good.

I'm trying to be more optomistic … or something.


So, I overheated the Christmas tree tonight … it's totally awesome

but I also stepped on a bubble light and just cut my foot totally open and it hurts like hell. So, Im hobbling all over.

I cant really tell what the smell is though, it might also be from something in the cellar.

bah…I need to stop bleeding so we can make the new table to put the tree on.

all for now … more eventually!