We took a pregnancy test yesterday and it was negative. He said it would be fun and of course there was a chance with how I've been feeling … and it came up negative … now, I know I shouldn't be suprised or disapointed …. but i am. It kinda just made me feel bad all day yesterday.

I'm trying to just get through it.

off to the dentist now and for a busy day with my guy.

today was a nice day I got some sleep 🙂 Laundry is done … Sams membership is renewed and I made a great bracelet! It was suggested I start an esty store to sell the medical bracelets… that might be cool

oh, and all these vitamens make my insides hurt….. blah

I saw my mommy today

I got out of work and drove down to see her and brought 6 tuxedo long stem berrries! They're so pretty

and i talked to my father for the first time in almost 2 years. it was weird but turned out good. that was suprising ….

god… 2 more days until i get a day off. this so blows.

and I got my glasses adjusted today at the shitty eyeglass place in the deathgate mall and they made them too tight and they hurt. i dont like it….