Davis got over $500 in fines and court fees for this … um… incident … from Monday. Now we just have to try to get those paid. He got on a payment plan for them that starts in April… so we have a little bit to try to get things organized. Now … the best part is that he has to get a new learners permit to get a new license and retake his driving test. Once we get him a new SS card we can go and get all that done. I guess it’ll be my job to set all this up since I have the time. I wish we could just go this morning and get the card… but he has to work and I know he wont want to do it. Or get up that early.

Oh well, that’s more than enough whining from me.

We had a good day other than that yesterday. My mammy came to visit and brought us the 55gal that they found for free. She couldn’t believe that Davis could carry it himself into the house. we invited her out to lunch and she thought that was so nice but didn’t feel like it because she felt a little sick. She said she’s still hurt/upset but is starting to warm up to him.

we made a great St.Patricks day ham dinner too … the store was totally out of corn beef… but I cooked it all myself and it was really good … and we went out to Dairy Queen last night too and got an ice cream …its not like we could afford it …. but it was just so nice.

anyway… i’ve been up forever already and im tired… and should probably just get ready to start the day…I’ve been sitting here watching a movie since 4am.

Monday was such a bad day … sometimes I feel like things are getting worse when I know for a fact they are definitely getting better.

Davis left for work at the usual time … but the phone rang at 5:15am and I thought i was dreaming but since it didn’t stop I got up … Davis was on the phone and he turned on the red at the corner of union & 8th (where there’s a sign to not do that) and the cop pulled him over … his license was expired … and he couldn’t get the registration… he got 4 tickets and the car was impounded. He called me very, very upset and he was a mile from the house and he was walking home.

Before he even could finish explaining what happened I was already dressed and with a flashlight in hand was running down the road. He was really surprised to see me running towards him and he thought i was going to yell at him … but I was pretty calm and he was so very, very upset. We walked home together and started to problem solve it… didn’t do too well…

we had to walk the 2 miles to south side just to found out that they Yurconic agency closed …so we walked back up and tried to go to the DMV … we got into a fight there …. because we have like … no money at all… turns out that the DMV is closed on Monday … but … we had to take 2 buses to the DMV… and had to walk about 3/4 a mile down to it from where the city bus dropped us. I cant believe it was closed… so we tried to go back… but we had to wait an hour for the bus … we talked a lot about what was going to happen after that…. we made a few plans but its hard to do that… i was so mad…

but my car is still registered in New Jersey and to get all the updated paperwork the police wanted I’d have to try to get to there and no one could help me … so we had to wait another day … I tried pretty hard to get out there… it didn’t work. When I told my sister Emily what happened she insisted that she loan me $150 bucks and wouldn’t take no for an answer … i was so thankful for her. I can’t wait to pay her back.

Davis had to take the bus to work… I felt so bad about that … That’s such a pain in the ass and it’s just … he has a long day as it is and that just makes it worse. Me taking the bus is one thing … but I feel like … he’s the one who’s working the real job … I should have been able to do something more …. i had to take the bus back to the DMV and i had to walk down Airport road and behind the hotels and stuff down this creepy road… i made it there safe. I got my new license (after a 2 hour wait, but i had a movie oh my Ipod so it was great!). I had my first experience at a Yurconic and it was $120 to do all the paperwork for my car… and $30 for my license! Things are soooo different than in New Jersey. Everything is so much cheaper and …well … streamlined.

I thought it was going to be $36.50 to do it, turns out that’s just the renewal… I went out in the parking lot and threw up… and somehow here they need to see the car to write down the vin number themselves they cant just take all my documents so they had to fax the papers to the impound and Geico had to fix the new insurance card… i cried a lot but it all got done … I also got sick in the parking lot, I called Davis to tell him what happened …. he’s so calm with me … he somehow got me to do what was needed to be done. biiiig squirrel.

then it was trying to find the money to bail Darla out (Darla is the name of my car). We got it … somehow … but i just have to keep praying it all works out … it was $250 to get her out … Davis’ coworkers found out what happened and they took up a collection of $280 to help us fix this. they’re such wonderful people.

we have our car back. We have to go to court tomorrow after my mom leaves to find out whats going to happen with his 4 tickets and how many points he’s getting on his new license and what we’re going to do about this. I’m a little scared they want about/more than $200 in ticket fines…I didn’t tell my mom what happened with Darla or that the truck is broken down. Davis wanted me to tell her but that’s so embarrassing and with all of this too … its just complicated.

oh, my mom is coming tomorrow to drop off our new 55 gal fish tank, I posted about that earlier. shes helping by dropping it off since we cant meet her 1/2 way like the plan was. I am so excited about that. It’ll give me something else to do.

ok … i need to clean a lot. I’m not sure I can stand up …

This is so exciting just have to share … My parents were out by their house yesterday and saw some guy wheeling a 55 gal fish tank and all its accessories out to the curb. They weren’t sure what he was doing so they went back a little later and asked the guy about it.

Turns out that this guy is the carpenter who did work on their house a few years ago and recognized my father (who I’ve not talked to since October). The guy went back into his house and got all the rocks and hood and other stuff to go with this tank and was happy to give it to someone who he knew who could appreciate it!

so tomorrow after Davis gets out of work we’re going to meet my mom 1/2 way and pick up the tank in the a truck an bring it home. I’ll have to clean it and Davis is going to build the stand for it… and we’re going to rotate the whole room 90 degrees to accommodate the new tank…

Yesterday was a decent day too, with borders books and music closing I went over to see what the deals were … and they’re not that fantastic yet … and i forgot to look at Tarot cards … but that’s not the point. I got 3 absolutely beautiful cake decorating books. my best girl friend is going to be getting married sometime in the year or so …not only am i going to be the maid of honor … I’m going to be making the cake. I want to get as much practice in as I can. If I had to make it tomorrow of course it would look great … I’m a good decorator … but i want it to be even better. I shouldn’t have gotten those books when we have sooooooo much that needs to be paid. I’m doing work to figure out the bills today while Davis is at work … but they’re so beautiful and useful…

and we sent the documents to the doctor in NH about the procedure I need done. Hopefully it’ll work out. I just wish I didn’t need so much done this year … all this broken shoulder stuff… and my wisdom teeth… and this baby stuff … i know its not … epic … but its just a bit stressful. We’ll get through it.

oh, and I passed lesson one of 2nd degree.


…fucking crap.  I cent get my teeth done unless i pay all of it … and my insurance is slow… so now we’re going to work it out so i know what to pay before i come so there are no surprises… but i still have so much work i need done in my mouth ….and this is still BEFORE i get the wisdom teeth out …

well… i paid 30 bucks and i’ll go at the end of the week (beginning of the next week) and will pay them another $20….we’ll get it done… hopefully sooner rather than later.

I’m tired of being poor. i’m ashamed.