I guess I could have posted some things of more value lately, but that would go against the grain of Juliet and the school year.

oh my god the phone just rang and scared the hell out of me here. im home alone and i need to do som much tonight and ots just not going to happen.


the dystonia is rotten tonight…. i cant deal with it …but life is good

radio show starts thursday… same with the doctors appointment

i don’t want to post when he’s home and waste time

I'm worried that hes not going to like my pie… I decorated and everything for him… I know its not about stuff like that but I want it to be a nice birthday night…

Maybe I should go get another pie even if anthony thinks I shouldnt… and i know my money is tight tight…

I tried to clean up some tonight too, i did all the dishes and washed the kitchen down… did the rug again and played with the bed… I can't decide to go to the store or clean the bathroom.

he gets out of work in 20 minutes or so…if I'm going to go get a safety pie I should go now…. Maybe it should be Pecan?

we'll see