New video game.

emily and i went out and i got a game today … she was busy though so we could only go for a short time, like 20 minutes … i just wanted to get out of the house and get some things …. but thats not what i want to say… I got SONIC RUSH ADVENTURE and its seriously like little portable crack!

 I love it. 

Today was uneventful to say the least… watched semi with my mom this morning… Davis is at work… so i have a whole day again to do nothing by myself… so thats okay too but sometimes i think i’d love to do more things with him on his days off or my days off… inventory is coming up so thats a whole different animal … i wish our days off lined up more, i should change my availabililty to work like that but i like the days i work …. i should just do open from now on anyway maybe it would help me get full time

i feel bad for spending some of my graduation money on myself … i know its going to be gone so fast… it makes me so sad that it will… but i feel the need to pay bills with it so i can be helpful… i wanted to do somthing fun with it and i know it was my money to do with what i need to do…

for all the things i mess up in this relationship the least i can do is try to get all the bills caught up…i know its not the same thing as fixing it… im not that stupid


back from my mom

well, it wasn’t a bad trip back to see her and i guess thats suprising really… i mean… it was a good time and i really felt this pang of guilt for being away so long.

i got the scholarship … its 1500 a year, 750 a semester and i can renew it for 4 years. im so excited!!! i had to call them though because i never got my letter and got anything else and it was sent somewhere weird and i just called but im thilled that i got it! thats just a little more money i dont have to pay! 

im tired …. i want to sleep… the bed is too hard for me to sleep on … davis is sleeping so well on it though… so im awake… the worst part is I was sleeping great until he came to bed…..