I love this song. It’s good All 3 ways

Artist – Third Eye Blind
Title – Slow Motion
Album – (blue) Unreleased because of content

Ms. Jones taught me English
But I think I just shot her son
Cause he owed me money
With a bullet in the chest you cannot run

Now he’s bleeding in the vacant lot
The one in the summer where we use to smoke pot
I guess I didn’t mean it… but man you should have seen it…

His flesh explode

Slow motion sees me let go
Take me die young
Slow motion sees me let go
What a brother knows
Slow motion sees me let go

Now the cops will get me, but girl if you will let me
I’ll take your pants off; I got a little bit of blow we could both get off
Later both be bathing in the afterglow
Two lines of coak got cut with draino
And hungo starts to bleed

A most beautiful ruby red

Slow motion sees me let go
We’ll remember these days
Slow motion sees me let go
Urban life decays
Slow motion sees me let go

and I don’t
my sister’s eating paint chips again
Maybe that’s why she’s insane?
I shut the door to her moaning and I shoot smack in my veins
Couldn’t you see my neighbors betting his wife
Because he hates his life
There’s a knife to his fist as he swings
oh man what a beautiful thing
and deaths lights close to me
won’t grow old old to be

A junky wino creep

And Hollywood glamourised my wrath
I’m a young urban psychopath
I incite murder, for your entertainment
Cause I needed the money, what’s you’re excuse?

The jokes on you

Slow motion sees me let go
Oh yeah
Slow motion sees me let go
Slow motion sees me let go


who’s your pop boyfriend

Getting’ Shady with Eminem
You’re a sucker for bad boys like Eminem ’cause you’re kind of a badass yourself. The guys you date don’t really care what other people say and neither you do. You and Eminem would totally work well together, but your I-don’t-take-nothin’-from-nobody attitudes could lead to some major screaming matches. But if anyone’s strong enough to tame Slim Shady and bring out the Marshall Mathers within your guy, it’s you!

Freshmen – Verve pipe

Artist: Verve Pipe
title: The Freshman

when i was young and knew everything
and she a punk who rarely ever took advice
now I’m guilt stricken,
sobbing with my head on the floor
stop a baby’s breath and a shoe full of rice

i can’t be held responsible
cause she was touching her face
i won’t be held responsible
she fell in love in the first place

for the life of me i cannot remember
what made us think that we were wise and
we’d never compromise
for the life of me cannot believe
we’d ever die for these sins
we were merely freshman

my best friend took a week’s
vacation to forget her
his girl took a week’s worth of
valium and slept
now he’s guilt stricken sobbing with his
head on the floor
think’s about her now and how he never really
wept he says

we’ve tried to wash our hands of all of this
we never talk of our lacking relationships
and how we’re guilt stricken sobbing with our
heads on the floor
we fell through the ice when we tried not to
slip, we’d say

some test from e-mode and blue mountain


Known for your creative powers, you Muses are the poets and musicians of life, the patrons of the fine arts. It’s funny, though — even with your inspirational prowess, you’re probably not the type to boast about your guitar-strumming skills, or your latest published book of verse.

While it’s great when people flock to you for ideas, there probably is a part of you that prefers to blend in sometimes — whether dressing in muted shades or staking out a one-on-one conversation at parties and social events. But try as you might not to hog the spotlight, others can’t help but notice you. Must be hard to be such a goddess!

Despite any lingering modesty, you might be surprised at how much your mere presence can help improve the lives of those around you by infusing them with ideas and good thoughts. With that kind of healing energy, your inspirational ways have the potential to change the world, Muse. Whether you’re scribbling sonnets, boogying with your friends, or drawing your own constellations — you’re tapped in. So keep your eyes wide open to the possibilities and let that inspiration flow!

Afterthought – by D. Schlapfer and J. Williamson


How could something… as innocent and sweet
Tear the soul out of my being, knock me off my feet
on my back, on the ground, making me cry
into the night, the deep night sky
I let my heart pour out
with nothing more I felt to say… I thought it best… I go away
as i walked away, from my life
i though i left my pains behind me
until another someone came sneaking up behind me
with gentle words, a caring touch… someone I felt I could trust
they held my heart, in their hands
they knew just what to say, what to do
and I let them… I let them take me by the hand
and lead me where I could feel the sands of warmth and safety
their souls where pure and true, unto me
i felt love and compassion with them
but it was a lie, something that I tried to hide
and I let the feeling warm my inside my world collapsed and it made me cry
all i could do is sit and cry, crying my soul out to heaven
for i was forsaken unto this world forever,
forever now and then…
and as I sit, and continue to cry
inside my heat, it still to die… but yet in peace
be all inside, as darkness falls and light subsides
and all i have left is myself
for i am alone in this world
forever now, and until i die

concert was great!!

I got to go back stage and hang with 3EB. I’ll get my pictures back Wednesday. I also got to get my gutterflower CD signed by John Robbie and mike. so now I have 3 copies of the same damned CD! but it’s all good!!!! and I got a shirt and a neckless and a whole damned roll of film of the Dolls doing what they do best! and 3EB doing some odd stuff..

it’s all good

and I went and took a tour of E-town college with Artie and I loved it! He bought me a little plush Etown foxxie!! and I got a hoodie!! it was so great

the only problems was that there was band camp today and I had to be home by 9am.. and I was still late, and I got sun burn… but it’s all good. because I saw the goo goo dolls and met third eye blind ^-^


I knew he would leave … Doug is gone, he said he wouldn’t leave..but I knew he would… he was to nice to me… to everything to me… and I knew it was coming, and he just stuck around because he promised… and I knew he would leave, and I knew that I deserved everything and there was nothing I could do to keep him near me… and it doesn’t matter anymore anyway…

I deserved it… ** crying** I always deserve it…. and it sucks balls…

so.. now Victor has a life… and he’s gone… Artie’s away at E-town so I won’t talk to him on the phone anymore… Ricky and I have lost touch… and I don’t think we can talk again.. And Doug and I can’t be friends because of his feelings for me…

so yeah… I have a concert tomorrow… I’ll be back Monday or Tuesday

**wiggles to Soul Bossa Nova**

I had such a great night and there’s nothing to say I couldn’t be in a better mood today! Brain gave me his E-mail ^-^ and I lost it… but whatever!!! he has mine and my phone number! I might just have a chance with this guy!

he gives me another good reason to go to Taekwondo!!! Not like all the exercise isn’t good enough!!! ** very loud and obnoxious Neck crack while she grooves to Soul bossa Nova**

I don’t know… should I look him up in the phone book? I mean… he called me his buddy… but damn it… I want to do something with him!!!!

OH! OTHER BIG NEWS!!! At the TKD place!!! THERE WAS ANOTHER JULIET!!!! there are 2 of us now!!!! 2!!!! but she’s a bitch! I went over to say hi to her and get a pic, I mean, how often are there two Juliets?!?! but she didn’t even give me the time of day… guess she was to busy pulling up her top to care **lol**


lol! anyway, I need to get a shower and shave the places I didn’t yesterday!

Bai beh!

** so happy**

I just had … Wow… Tonight was my Taekwondo rank ceremony, and I got promoted to my Senior Blue Belt. I’m so proud of this… but it gets better.

I mentioned a great guy, Brian Green, a lot before. He was a senior Green now Blue belt… but we both got our belts and he came over to me and gave me a hug. and we both said our congrats and I told him I’d like a picture with him because I’ll be gone a little bit. and he seemed a little sad and asked me why and I said because of Band. and he told me he’d only take the pictures with me on one condition. and I asked him what that was and he said that I promise that I’ll come back soon, Well, I’m DEFINATELY coming back!!1 I’ll even go through the school year. He’s so sweet… we hugged, we got 3 pictures taken. He put his arm around me and mussed my hair in one, we shaking my dads hand in another. And we put our arms around each other in the last one. and then we went out into the lobby and exchanged E-mails ^-^ and I gave him my phone number too!!! But I LOST HIS E-MAIL!!!! So, I hope he E-mails me or calls me or something! I mean, I’ll keep going just to see him… ** smiles** I mean, I love him to death! He’s my buddy!!! he told me I’m his… and he’s definitely mine!!

**happy sigh** But… I still worry about Doug… he’s fragile… and he’s so nuts over me… That’s a wholenother post…

I’m just happy over Brian’s E-mail…. if I could only find it now