We got a 30 gallon tank now…with 5 tiger barbs and a very ADHA pictus catfish…

and a 5 gallon tank with two Betta in it, a boy whos blue i call pepsi and a girl thats red called Coke…… we might get one more girl so pepsi can have a harem.

pictures when i get around to it … and maybe a picture of that big new puzzle i just finished too

ps- bunny i love you

Writer’s Block: AKA

When i found LJ i started with another username that i don’t remember anymore but it seemed like something that everyone knew me as… and then i forgot it, so hows that for everyone knew but me …. but when i found LJ again waay back in the dark ages i wanted to do something that wasn’t jsut my online alias but meant more to me. So.. Chante means singer in French and that was what my whole life was about … singing … 

and on top of that, when i changed my name, thats what i was legally changing my middle name to. it felt right and comfortable and really ive been here ever since! 

~*~ Juliet Chantel ~*~


we just paid for our double region in SL!!!! Starhom is going to be two islands and its totally fantastic! I cant wait… now… bed time for me so i can get up and get a ton done tomorrow since im running out of time to get anything done in

The things I do when i should be writing a thesis…

– Available: Never!!!!
– Age: old enough to know better, but young enough to not care
– Annoyances: 2 week old crusty fruit tarts in the cooler at work… ew
– Animals: squirrels!! 

– Beer: Not usually
– Birthday: 3/23
– Best Friend: bunny! 
– Best feeling in the world: being appreciated
– Blind or Deaf: blind
– Best weather: 72 degrees and sunny
– Been in Love: thankfully
– Been on stage?: constantly
– Believe in Santa: of course! everyone needs to believe in santa

– Candy: mmmm…Rochet…..
– Color: purple
– Chocolate/Vanilla: vanilla
– Chinese/Mexican Food: TACO BELL
– Cake or pie: cake, always
– Continent to visit: i’d go back to europe
– Cheese: always

– Day or Night: day
– Dancing in the rain: can be sexy

– Eyes: blue
– Everyone’s got: a tail hole…
– Ever failed a class?: Math… for most of my life, and most recently in college

– First thoughts waking up: "…where’s my bunny?…."
– Food: Tacobell… but right now oatmeal

– Greatest Fear(s): confessing my greatest fears in a meme
– Goals: getting out of Graduate school
– Gum: never tried it
– Get along with your parents?: my mom, usually… my dad, rarely

– Hair Color: brown ATM..
– Height: 5’2”
– Holiday: st. nicks day

– Ice Cream: moosetracks
– Instrument: Bass Clarinet … or guitar
– Jewelry: my cosmic egg, my wedding ring and my signet
– Job: cake decorator at teh weggies

-Kids: Jason, Samantha and Mariel … and hopefully a new baby soon
– Kickboxing or karate: Taekwondo
– Keep a journal?: ………..duh

– Love: Always
– Letter: i like writing them
– Laughed so hard you cried: of course!! but not recently 
– Milk flavor:dont drink milk
– Movies: by Pixar
– McD’s or BK: golden Arches for breakfast, but the king for ice tea

– Number: 4, all my tics are in 4s

– One wish: a nice happy family, in a pretty house

– Pepsi/Coke: cherry coke always
– Perfect Pizza: Pineapple, bacon and onion
– Piercings: in my ears

– Quail: is delicious when cooked right ive heard

– Reason to cry: stress makes me cry
– Reality T.V.: my FAVORITE
– Radio station: 104.1
– Roll your tongue in a circle: roll my tongue anyway i want
– Ring size: …the only person who needs to know that is my husband

– Song: written by tom waits is my favorite
– Shoe size: 7.5
– Salad Dressing: French
– Sushi: is delicious, but can kill my Davis so i dont eat it much anymore
– In the shower?: i sing!!!
– Strawberries/Blueberries: Strawberries

– Tattoos?: getting one soon
– Time for bed: before 2am perferably
– Thunderstorms: fun with Davis, not so fun home alone with cranky dog

– Unpredictable: my mood,,,,

– Vacation spot(s): Maine

– Weakness: being allergic to chocolate
– Which one of your friends acts the most like you: Riss
– Worst feeling: confessing my worst feelings in a meme
– Wanted to be a model: when i was a little girl yes
– Worst Weather?: hot and humid

– X-Rays: no more please

-Year it is now: 2009
-Yellow: Cant see it, im colorblind 

– Zoo: my house growing up… and places that smell funny


RIP my sweet lil fisshaal 2006-2009 …. and H0mer… 2009…

Im not mat at anyone about this, im just very very sad today that it happened …. Davis changed the water in the tank and we didnt have any stress coat and used a new bucket and that was last week and things never were right in that tank after that… we should have done something about it and i take my blame in it

…Davis said that they were still up in the corner when he left for work at 4:30 this morning… when i got up at 8 to put sometihng away i found them both dead in the tank in that corner… i was in hysterics to the point that he had to come and take them out for their burial at sea.

He came home because i think he broke his ankle or something else rotten…but he was sent home… poor thing was in agony yesterday because of it… and hes home today for it too… thank god he was because i might not have been able to have done what the fish needed….i loved Fissaal and H0mer i hardly got to know… he handled it … i sobbed… went out and got stuff for the tank too but i didnt get the huge test kit like i wanted to … it was 30 dollars ish and i got everthing else to try to make it better though

… dont know whatelse… im in class now and i dont feel like being in class at all, i want to be at home… i have so much to do and so little motavation to do it with Davis home too… i want to just be with him all snuggled in and happy not cleaning the house but i really, really need to do that or we;re going to go insane and starve…

i saw a cute kitten at the pet store too … a tortie… i just wanted to sit in and play with her…. i know i cant bring her home….

now im in class…. on SL with Davis… we have tomorrow off together too …


…sometimes i feel like we’re never going to buy a house and that all the money in stocks i had to sell so we could do it… because telecom was going to go bad has just been wasted paying bills and doing nothing…. wasted… and most of its my fault… we dont have enough for a down payment on a house anymore… we dont have anything…

and it makes me sad…. but i talk too much and i think too much and i everything too much… but i never fix anything…. so what…