I guess I’m posting because I’m stressed… and when I’m stressed I say the same thing 1000x….

I posted this on williker…

I was at waldo*mart yesterday… and I saw my friend Jason… and…the thing about Jason… he has cancer… he’s in remision though… but I saw him yesterday… and he hugged me tightly.. and we talked for a few minutes… but he looked different… and the hair he just grew back had gone… He said he shaved it off.. but for some reasion… I have trouble believing him… The way he hugged me…
The last time I saw him I think he mentioned something about another tumor… I really hope he was joking with me.. I’m so worried about him… We both got out Varsirt letters sewn on.. and we were talking about that… but he seemed so different.. and it scared me… and I’ve been thinking and worrying all day… a lot of people in my family have died of cancer… and I’ve watched it…
I’m scared I might loose my friend now too…

I’m just worried and stressed! I love Jasom! ** Thats what I call him** He’s the most awesome person… but I’m scared… because my mom said he looked weird… I really hope he’s okay…

i’m not really in the mood for anything lately… nothing… it’s like… I’m totally wiped out for no reasion… I don’t feel like doing anything… just… **sighs** I feel so lonely… like everyones walking through me… or around me… I always feel left out!

maybe I’m a psyco…

I hate the holidays… I always feel like this about now… I guess it’s because my family sucks and they all act like chickens with the heads cut off! babbling about total shit that never really did matter then bitching me out over it! AUGH!

I’ll shut up now

If I were a

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