you say these things

and i know they’re not to upset me, I know that they’re not to make me feel bad or for any of those other things that they sometimes do. I know that you love me and that I love you back. That’s something I’m pretty sure of.

But today in the car when I asked you what you were thinking and you started talking about what I think and how I am I just felt defensive over it. I felt like… well… You have me pegged so well and at the same time I want to be able to have that too but I lack the life experence.

You: I just worry sometimes, that is all. It is okay hon.
Me: about what?
You: that you will give up on us before we ever get the chance to get started, send me away…. I trust you and I believe in you and I don’t believe that will happen, but I still worry about it.
You: it is just that moments like when you left the truck today always scare me a little.
Me: Talking about how hope and plans and dreams can only go so far…… when they have not really been given much of a chance yet….  I know you were just having a moment hon.  I know that.  I trust you and I believe in you and above all, I love you.

so that leaves me here… pissed off and frustrated over things that just aren’t worth being pissed off over.

I know you never meant to have me get caught

Tournament stufff

Well, the results are in!!

Gold medal in Board Breaking
2nd place Womens Forms
3rd place Womens Sparring

and now for the pictures!!!

This one is just me standing in my entrance way before we left for the tournament

Right after I got my gold medal!!

I had to compete with the worst migrane by th time it got to be forms and sparing… I was so happy that I got what I did after how I felt! When we got home this picture was taken and I think if I was outside one more minute I would have thrown up from the lights.

my mother took this in the traditional Taekwon-do pose right infront of the main door to her house. I had to try to stand there like that for about 5 minutes, i thought i had more endurance than that *lol* my leg was shaking!!

I couldn’t believe when I got that gold! I was up against blackbelts and people breaking 4 boards! My pattern was simple though. I think that was what put me ahead really… I started doing a hammerfist, defended to the rear to do a front flip to a jump front kick. I defended to the left to do a back fist before going to the right for a jumpside kick. I have a movie of i that too but I don’t have anywhere to post it. That was probably the most exciting thing of my taekwon-do life. I can’t wait for the next tournament.