off to work …. yesterday was good but stupid at the same time … but today my Davis feels sick so that makes me sad.I’ve felt like crap for a while too but i worry more about him than anything else

Jason wants to have a race to see whos Christmas presents get up to Maine first … WE  should finish shopping for them? that would be a good idea… we dont need a lot more things for them both but i’d like to be able to get them…

there’s some other stressful stuff going on too that’s really bothering me but not much i can do about it. We’re going to fix it tomorrow thankfully. well we’re going to try to fix it tomorrow.. we just have to do our best at it…

I’ve already started the new year new me thing….and that is one of them… all i can do is try? right?

 off to weggies i go

i feel like crap too

Dear Santa…

Dear Santa,

This year I’ve been busy!

Last Saturday I turned smileysweetie in for spitting (3 points). In October I got in line at the supermarket at the same time as someone else and I didn’t yield (-8 points). Last Sunday I pulled AximiliJ‘s hair (-5 points). In September Xamp and I donated clothes to the needy (11 points). In May I ruled Canada as a cruel and heartless dictator (-700 points).

Overall, I’ve been naughty (-699 points). For Christmas I deserve a moldy sandwich!


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random stuff and cookies

…I’ve decided i don’t want to know and I’m going to stay out of places that break my heart for a while. Not because i don’t love everyone and adore them but because sometimes a person just needs to save herself. my doctor is going to be mad at me monday. i didn’t start the drugs yet. or call the shrink… or anything else that my stupid broken crotch needs me to do

in other news i baked so many cookies tonight for my Xamp’s cookie exchange but we still have more to do for tomorrow and i have a final exam to submit tomorrow. the cookies are fun to bake somehow its that rhythm that i really love. we worked together on them today. I love when we get to do things like that together it is so much fun! he did a lot of cutting and rolling for me while i did a lot of the dough and decorating. he’s a good decorator too but i wanted to do it. I only have one rolling pin and its a tiny silpin jr… and my poor big husband with this itty bitty little rolling pin … it was a riot to me but i loved every second of it.

i’ve had problems with my mom too and shes upset about the holiday… there are other things going on too with her… i don’t know what to do sometimes… maybe just go to bed would be best. i just need to stand up to her and be free. my soon to be calendar new years resolution is to get my Xamp and Her to be on speaking terms.

but i feel really sick too… and i think i feel worse… and this whole not sleeping this is really burning me. i’ll try again tonight. oh sleep. well.. we’ve been playing a lot of maplestory too… its so much fun. We’re playing with Xamps son Jason. i love that kid … i should post more about those two kids. they’r egreat. ok… bed time

i did tarot professionally today… i read for someone who Patti told me was scared of me … someone who only recently started to become my friend and was scared of my faith and what i do… i found that out later ..

but how wonderful for both of us that i got to work on something so great… and she’s happy with her reading and im happy that i got to read

oh… and i become an offical tarot facilitator as on 12/26… i’m thrilled.

…but ive not felt like doing anything else… but our house looks so clean i cant believe it .

not too much else going on … turns out im not getting the graduate cert… i dont think i need it because i think just doing the … what the hell amd i going to do again? oh wait i know … i’m going to try to become a subteacher instead & that pays 100 a day if i get hired. i cant wait i’m so thrilled… Joyce is helping me try to get the job… i’ll turn my application for the February training

ok gotta go..

::end transmision::

my last fall semester of my Masters degree is officially over … this feels really good. only a thesis and a few more classes to go and then im done forever… this too sooooo too long for me to get through

i think no more school after this