god is great … beer is good and people are crazy …

my job is nuts an i am so glad to be home … i can’t wait to get a new one…that would be awesome. I should have more to say … but i dont … its just hot…


…. I’m late, like really late … like bordering on 10 days late. I don’t want to be excited… no, don’t want to be excited at all. This is probably just a fluke thing. This is probably just some kind of stress/sick/something going on. yes…that’s it. Nothing to get excited over… nothing at all.

teeheehee im a bad girl, i didn’t go to physical therapy today … i had to do family things instead… but i guess im not all bad… i go back again on wednesday.

we’re watching LOTR:FotR, Ive not seen this movie in forever … i forgot how good it is.

nothing else to report other than i see my mom tomorrow

i faught the bosses … and they gave me the 3 hours of pay the owed me. fuck you wegmans. don’t tell me how this system works. i am still full time until the 22nd … i am entitled to my 20 hours a week and my 20 hours of disability and don’t you DARE tell me otherwise.

…. i need a nap, being a big girl is stressful and exhausting! 

im fucking sitting in the parking lot outside the library …I just got out of PT … oh, and I think im allergic to the tape now. haha. it itches 

our internet was turned off again. this is so annoying … and he’s working until 11. I have the TV and the telephone though … that’s something. it’s just so stupid they turned us off last week month too…. i am so mad but i need to try to put a lid on it. i’m just upsetting my bunny. 

i work with morons …

… if im suppose to work 20 hours and only 4 hours a shift and you schedule me for 5 hours and 17 for the week that’s not right … so then i go to work it and everyone acts like im insane. Fuck ’em.

i have to work it so i get money … i just want a new job. i am so tired of the nonsense and i am tired of talking about it.

today was a good day so far … we got our electricity turned back on, Skeeee is happy in his new tank …we have food and my family is awesome …

and I DDRed for 40 minutes 😀

ok … off to get  from work 😀 pheeeee