i give up on looking for my period, it is not coming. or it’s going to come tomorrow when we have that appointment and then i’ll have to cry because its just wasting time and money standing those people up. I dont even know what to think about where or why it is or isn’t going to be here … and the chances of me being pregnant are low and a bit overwhelming at the moment. maybe thats because its like 4 in the mornining and i just want it to come and be gone already

it’s not like i dont have enough to worry about lately…. seriously.

Writer’s Block: Roommate from Hell

I was blessed to live with not just ONE psycho roommate from hell but TWO psycho roommates from hell … the first one was like a stalker who had ‘allergies’ so we got to have an air conditioner in the room. that was great until … for someone so sick … she never spent a night in there. oh wait! Before i forget. She got to the room before i did on move in day and her parents set the room up just the way Lindsay would wand it and told me i just had to live with it the other way. I had to sleep on the bunk beds while she put her bed on the floor because it was safer …. my mom and i put and end to that really fast!  oh… and for all the drama her parents did about how the room had to be set up for her (because i didn’t count) she would sleep where ever she felt like but the AC always had to be on and COLD. I turned it off one day and she came in saw it, called he mother and they almost took disciplinary action against me!! it was a nice fall day and i even checked the levels outside to see if it would be ok…. oh, and she had absolutely no hygiene practices either. she always left dirty crotched up underwear in the middle of the floor and all this nasty open rotting food so when my mom would come to see me she’d step right on it … it just got worse from there. So finally her mother went to the D.O.S about all of this and said that i was a danger to her daughter! ME!!! seriously!!! I cried everyday. we had to go to mediation because of all of this and in the end the crazy girl got her own room and my mom had to move me up to the 3rd floor of the complex because Lindsay HAD TO HAVE the air conditioner or she would be desperately ill. Oh…. she also got mono and blamed it on me and her mother probably wanted us to pay for all her hospital bills… they said she had LIVER DISEASE FROM THE WINDOW BEING OPEN. We all said it was mono and they fought with me …it turned out to be mono and i left and was mad because it wasn’t fair

oh, her mom’s complaint was that her daughter deserved a room of her own at any price … and that they found  BRIGHT GREEN POLLEN COVERING THE SURFACES OF THE ROOM!! that i was trying to kill her! I wanted to kill her to get my own room ….. the funny thing is that this was BLOODY NOVEMBER or OCTOBER … there is NO GREEN POLLEN at that time of year

then they moved me into the room with Dagmar … who was nice at first (did i mention i requested to live with a girl in the other complex who had an open space and was denied?! ) … she was a nymphomaniac! she never did homework and spent all day and night in bed skipping a lot of classes … and she would constantly take my keys and hide them and lock me out so she could have sex in the room all night IN MY BED and i would come back to find this mess and have to find somewhere else to sleep for the night… there were a few times i had to call family friends to sleep at their houses because she always locked me out before EXAMS.

…. i transferred schools after that semester. After that everyone else was relatively normal … except for the girl who had lice…. and let me know that she was cured of it … but never said she had them in the first place… and yelled it across the main street of town and that i had to take my important stuff because they were going to fumigate the building

…. yeah… that was still better than the first two nuts! i’m glad i dont have roommates anymore!