Chantel’s Mom    i hate doing this over a computer when sound and tone cant be felt properlybut i really dont know why you keep going back to 07  one time in my life i said what happened in pa stayed in pa and i am sure i onloy said that was becasue i wasnt about to tell the world this whole story mostly because i truly believed you were entitled to one screw up without every relative hearing about it but i dont know why you keep quoting that back to me now.  and 2007 was a lifetime ago


Chantel’s Mom 2:23 pm

(2:23:30 PM):     2.  i am going to let it rip….i really thought this whole davis deal would go away and we never talked about it because you were so secretive about it that if/when i askedyou a question you gave me some vague answer.  it was also hard for me to discuss what was the second most painful experience of my life  finding out that BOTH  of you have decided to deceive me about  everything to do with davis except his name.  you  never indicated this was a serious relationship.  you always said something like ‘this is what im doing now’   and u further made it worse by telling me stuff like i could come and spend the night at the nest and then  you changed it to after graduation when you got your own place sure i could come and stay over and so when u asked if i wanted the deposit money when you got it back i said no you can use it towards the next place you rent bcause you let me to believe thats waht you were going to do.  and why u even paid rent at the nest for two years wwhen you clearly were not living there is anohter thing i dont get.


Chantel’s Mom2:29 pm

(2:29:33 PM):     after the whole initial round of lies and the freak out etc you told me NO MORE LIES    ….but that wasnt true either was it?     i dont know why you set this all up this way with the lies to begin with until it was  like the size of texas.  why didnt you just own it…this is who i picked up got knows where, he is this old, etc.   why just add layers and layers on to the tall tale???  what was the worst that would have happened?  all along you let me to believe things that were not true, you let me look forward to do ing things with you that  u never planned to do and it all seems to me like so much wasted energy on your part when you could have just said… no i have to plans to see you for any holidays this year,  no i dont ever plan to have my own place or have you over,    and you say you got married on october 28 and you spent october27 with me and never gave me a clue.  — i woulnt have tried to stop the wedding – everyone gets to pick.  but normally you can have a husband, have friends, have parents and combine them in any or all combinations of your life.  husband and friends,  husband and parents, husband and parents and friends.    why couldnt you?


Chantel’s Mom 2:39 pm
(2:39:09 PM):     you lead me to believe (why was i typing let me there i dont know)    to go back to your words where you wrote it got to a point where there was no communication about me and davis………..well — dont you think that would have been your responsibility?  not mine?  usually when i would  ask what you were doing you say ‘reading’  not going/doing with anyone    if you two have been spending all this time togehter over the years you werent telling me  so how/why would i be talking about him?


Chantel’s Mom2:56 pm(2:56:21 PM):     you dont need to tell me tales,  if something i ask isnt my business id rather you say just that to me.

Chantel’s Mom3:01 pm

(3:01:12 PM):     i get the feeling you two have the   ‘its us against the world mentality’    i dont get it but if you two  live your life secretly on your own secluded ‘island’      say so!\


Chantel’s Mom 3:09 pm
(3:09:45 PM):     and since you cannot hear my tone in the written word let me assure you i am calm and not yelling so i hopeyou are reading it that way



Chantel’s Mom 3:47 pm
(3:47:00 PM):     so i guess i am also wondering where i fit into your life and only you know that answer.  maybe you can tell me. ..   want to know what i want from you??   well i  will tell you.. its simple. i want you to tell me the truth   nothing but the truth.  if i ask you something dont make up a story   if you dont want to tell me  just tell me you dont want to tell me.  i cannot afford to go through this anymore  i just cant.  dont tell me we are going to get togehter if you have no plan in place to do so. 

I have a lot to say about this …

… i might punch out my mother …

Chantel’s Mom: 10:23 am
(10:23:07 AM): but i need to stop getting the democrat and reading my formerly favorite section of lifestyles

Chantel: 10:25 am
(10:25:22 AM): my class was full of trouble makers. I’m suprised I’ve not heard anyone else has gone to jail forever, or was killed by drugs or anything else lately. maybe that means the rest of them grew up finally.

Chantel’s Mom: 10:25 am
(10:25:31 AM): it makes me sad to see all these ‘kids’ engagement and wedding announcements knowing i will never get to be the mother of the bride, host the rehearsal dinner or any of that stuff never mind witness the wedding,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,you gyped me big time juliet.

Chantel 10:28 am
(10:28:30 AM): I don’t even know what to say. None of that stuff even sounds like fun to me

chantel’s mom 10:29 am
(10:29:09 AM): u did what you wanted, i had absolutely no clue no input no PARTICIPATION

Chantel’s mom 10:32 am
(10:32:12 AM): all i can even compare it to is if i had an illness didnt tell you and then i died and was buried and you stumbled upon it on line when you were looking up something else long after it was all over

ice storm

Well … it started to ice last night and it's STILL icing …

it was soooooooooooooo pathetic!!! I looked out the front window and saw the little squirrels slipping and sliding on all that ice! it was so sad i just had to go out and do something … even with a bad shoulder.

he wont let me shovel though. his back hurts and i wanted to try to save my guy …but in the end I had to take two small concentrated juice containers and was using them to sprinkle salt.

and we just got back in from being out shoveling and its kinda funny because i was bouncing through the snow and ice and i fell into this big hidden ice puddle that was almost up over my boot. We've seen people sliding up and down the hill too because its sooo ice covered…. but the car is freed and we can get down the path now.

I was hoping we could go get his new glasses today like he mentioned doing … but it is way too dangerous to go.

I thought i was going to go see my mom this week but i don't know if thats a good idea anymore at all. I feel like i never want to see them again actually … that feels so bad to say that.

Back out of work

So last night and i went out to dinner at applebees and we talkedabout my booboo shoulder… and he said he wants me to go back to the doctor about it because i am in so much pain … so i went this morning at the earliest time possiable …

we were both suppose to close our stores tonight

the doctor took one look at me and we talked about my pain level and what works and doesn't and we're back to having me out period I have to go to the specialist on the 24th and then we see where to go from there. But I NEED to be out resting and trying to get my arm better so i'm not stuck with a bad arm forever.

i dont really know what to do about it, I'm tired of not making te money I'm suppose to make because i'm hurt and i dont know whatelse to do with it. So i go back to PT on monday of next week and it's just … I'm just ready to be better.

the big W was ok … they're suppose to call me tomorrow … we'll see