my thesis presentation was yesterday and it went totally awesome. i was told i had the best presentation out of everyone. i felt so secure and so natural. I just decided to do a lecture format I talked for maybe 10 minutes and i felt nervous … but all i did was explain what and why i was doing the project.

I felt so proud that many of the people who were there who all have Ph.D’s or other really big degrees said that i have a bright future in academics. my adviser was so very proud of me and said that i did brilliant and he was beaming. this was a big day for both of us

there were 2 moments i am even more proud of … the one was where i got a big jab in onto my former adviser… he called me a stereotype in the defense … and when the College and Seminary chaplain asked me a question about how the community was towards wiccans i said that it is sad that some people still view witches as stereotypes but we need to work together. I said more than that of course but it was a proud proud moment.

it was great, they really want me to make the thesis a book. and tomorrow we’re going to go over to the 1 hour photo and get the pictures developed and post them so everyone can see! i was even told i looked pretty. it was so awesome.

… um… i cant think of what else to say… i feel really awful and think i want to go to bed … oh! and i passed lesson 12 and we had progress in our baby treatments today too.

i’m a little scared about how graduation will go, but this is definately a 2 bottle of champagne celebration