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Hey everyone —
It’s been so long since I’ve posted here… but I got 143 today and I couldn’t help but say something. I saw the other posts about “Fathers Day” but I really wanted to post my own too, Sorry for some of the redundancy.

I truly felt sad, and I cried. I have all of the sonic comics from 0, and all of the knuckles stories too. None of them have made me actually cry like this did. I’ve always felt a connection to the guardians… I don’t know how many people here actually took it like I did but it made me think about my own relationship with my father.

I had to read it about 3 times just because it made me think so much. I did some math and found knuckles should be 27 when Locke dies. I’m 20 myself and it’s similar to how life really is. The other guardians, Spectre, Thunderhawk, Sabre ect, they’re all still alive and will probably still be alive for decades more, but the one echidna closet to knuckles passes on. It’s a sad fact that happens all too often…

I’ve had a lot of family members die of various types of cancer; its one of those hard topics that gets brought up every now and then… but to read those words in that story *It should be malignant, Carcinogenic is meant to describe something outside the body* hurt me. I know that kinda pain and I know a lot of other people do too. I thought back to the old issues where knuckles thought his father was gone forever, and how in the Knuckles series itself we all saw he was in haven with the brotherhood always watching over him…. then in Knuckles 25 when they were reunited. It was really similar to real life, in the sense that his father was gone for so many years to come back, and then be taken away again.

I’m 20, and this just reminded me of the relationship with my father, whom I am very distant with, and who I always likened to Locke… he was gone a good portion of my life only to come back when I was all grown up and it made me think about how I might not have that much time left with him.

Wow, I’m starting to go on a tangent here. My last thing to say is Ken, it was defiantly one of the best scripts I’ve ever read. Thanks.

Guardian Julaya-Na

Last day at Westminster

Today was my last real day at that hole. I’m happy about it, really I am. I don’t know… I already miss all my friends though, I found a place I fit in… kinda… not really… but it was just somewhere I had friends and now its gone and over…

I hated the place so bad, and now I’m gone and I’m happy to be going somewhere new with all the things I wanted I’m going to miss Ian and Chris and all the girls… at the same time I hate them and can’t wait to be gone

I wanna post more… but I’m going to get kicked out of here… so I might try doing another phone post. Not like anyone wants to bother to transcribe them *lol* hey, just another form of privacy right?