I’m on and looking at the new Halloween bracelets that they have and there is one that i really, really want …but its $65 plus tax and my bank account is overdrawn by almost $400…i have no right to want anything until all the bills are payed… and they will be soon… they have to be … i wish we could do them a bit faster

and i am so mad at my manager today too

today with my dad

so.. its his birthday so he decided that he wanted to come down and get up in my face today … it actually wasn’t too bad to see him and i guess that was really suprising…we went to Panera bread for breakfast and got sandwitches and i treated him to it … then we went around for a little bit to show him where a few local sites are… but when we were eating we just sat there and talked. I tried to explain secondlife to him and a few other things that I do and how much school i really have too.

my mother gave me a bag of stuff too and it was really nice to get some of those things. she gave me money too and i really need to put it into my account to try to unnegative my account..i really need to check it to see if i can save it … its really really bad right now… and when i get paid tomorrow i have to pay the cable bill.

I just realized that our bill was due today for electric and we forgot to pay it… so its going to be late and we’re going to be in trouble because of it. Hopefully if he can pay some of it when he gets home we’ll be okay. i just want all of this stuff caught up already. Im just so tired of things being so late..i know that he is too ..

but seeing my dad wasnt so bad… i just… i dont know… we got to do a few other things i need for a presentation on tuesday where my group leads the devotionals.

thats about all there is for now… i guess there is more to post … i’ll backdate it

today was a long day at work but yesterday when i got home i fell asleep at 7 and didn’t get up again until 4am when i had to go to work for 5… today was an okay day… im kinda upset i still have no grades … other than that i have some homework to do but not as much as a ususally have to do … thats kinda nice too … i can get most of it done later… this week i mean… thats all for now … off to play on SL