mouse in the house

last night Davis found a mouse in the house and i freaked but got over it … and it was weird knowing we have mice … but at the same time we live in like …. a slum…. so its fine … but still… anyway…. we have flies, ants, other flies… and now mice… but we both were in early today and he brought home two different kinds of traps… live ones for upstairs and some other kind of stuff for the cellar.

we went out for a bit earlier to look at other cars for him, went out to supper, then came home and cleaned up a bit and found the little mouse spent some time last night hiding under the recycle bin.. .so we cleaned it all out … but i heard it behind the fridge too… so we set the traps and after a little bit i heard it go off! and there she was!! so we tried to think of what to do with her and we knew we had to let her out! so i tried to find the travel cage… but couldn’t… so we took a gallon jug that had cranberry juice in it once and put her into it. she was so little … a little kangaroo field mouse!

so we took her over to where Musickfest is going to be held next week and let her go in a nice spot! so that way shes out and away from our house but not killed! i’m so glad we didn’t have to kill her! somehow… i don’t know … simple pleasures, you know?

then we saw all these warning lights on Darla and we took her over to the WAWA and she had no oil in her… so we got 4 quarts and put 3 in and now things are better but im going to have to take her for an oilchange and a few other things too… thats a good idea..

… but im off work tomorrow and so is davis and we’re both off for the next week!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 hurray

ok.. now back to my homework for Sacred Mists! … oh yeah, and the thesis


my mom called me last night to tell me that remmyfish isn’t doing well… i just started crying… hes got dropsy like cleo did but we have no idea how he got sick like this?!?!?!?!? i just feel like i could throw up and cry thinking remmy is dying like cleo was … that was so long … i dont want remmy to suffer like that….

thankful to my bunny

yesterday we went out … and we went to get something to eat and i said i needed a new purse because the one i have isn’t really appropriate anymore. its from Kohls (nothing wrong with that) but its very, juvinile… very sad to try to grow up but.. after a lot of strife he got me a beautiful purse and matching wallet that i ADORE!! … and the DKNY perfume..

hes too good to me

more later

class last night

last night after class i had to go out the main door past the Saal, and there was the argentine tango in there again and i made the mistake to stand near the door and i was invited in finally… and i really didnt want to do it because im really shy when it comes to things like that. i really wanted to just run away, but i got invited in and then i got this guy who picked to help me and he smelled funny and was new too but he trid to teach me, the lady helped me too and i learned something called the basic 8. next tuesday i was told there is swing dancing in allentown that i think i’d like to go to … but i have the dentist and have to be in at 4am so i know im not doing anything like it. i cant wait to tell Davis about it because i’d love to take him as my partner someday and do it … but he always works wednesday

 i am so glad that class is over tomorrow night even if theres all of this other work to still do

stupid school

i got a 17.5 out of 20 on my last assignment for Deborah … i guess that’s alright, its passing in some form or another … but i really want to do well and i really wanted to get better than that… loosing 2.5 points isnt the end of the world but it just feels like it to me, sometimes when I’m at school it feels like nothing i ever do can be good enough … and then it makes it even harder for me to focus, because i know i have to look at the grades … but i want to graduate with honors when i get out and i’ll never be able to do that if i cant get higher than a B on anything i do for any real classes … not the formative spirituality stuff.

and its not like im doing anything freeking wrong on this stuff… its just not perfect for them…

i think my slumlord is about to evict us again …i mailed the rent check on MONDAY … he’s STILL not cashed it … or at least my bank isn’t saying he cashed it … and it really upsets me because he’ll call me like ..thursday… to say it never came … but he always comes to do the lawn on Sunday but never says anything … i was such a coward yesterday i should have said something to him about the check … why-o- why didn’t i get the confirmed delivery on this one!!!! WHY!!

i wrote on it in the right pen … i used the right address as always … but a return address on it … and it was a regular check … not a money order like i like and want to do…

im worried

now off to the store to get things for the movie tonight … i hope i feel better

lover bunny

so… i dont have to go back to work until Friday, how weird is that? i dont know what to do . i mean… i have class and things like that and i really want to do well but its so strange to know that all i have to do this week is take care of the house and do my homework… i really… kinda like the sound of that …

we went to the drive in the other night, and now we’re going back again this week too so we can see another movie!! i just cant wait to go with him  again. i love my Davis… just so you know

back to the homework, i want to get more doen now …