As of this moment. Right now. I am going to become a better human being. No more of the old garbage. The beginning of a new me is right now.

There is theis new guy that works at the food court. I told him something that wasn’t exactally true and I’d love to go back and tell him that truth right now… and that I’m single… He’s really cute.

I want a hug… so yeah…. more to post later about being sick, but I should get some homework done now

i fucking hate english! I hate boutcheis class! I don’t understand! How could i ever think i could be a writer when i don’t understand any of this stuff that he wants me to fix?! No one ever taught me this stuff and its driving me crazy!

I just don’t want to go to his one-on-one meeting today… I just wnna cry I’m so frustrated! I’m tired and cranky and don’t want to put up with this bullshit!!!

my dorm is haunted and i got to meet one of the ghosts last night and it scared the hell out of me…


Well, busness as usual i guess for me. you know… classes and things ….I love my Zoology class, he’s already planned a big fieldtrip for us to NYC. I can’t wait for us to go! It’s going to be so much fun! Dr.Mitchell is really cool. um… I failed my test in early christianity too. I forgot to read part of the book of Acts and he quized us… asshole… i hate him, he’s older then the guy who founded the school….

Still hate blotchei’s class. HE’s a moron and I told him I didn’t like him today either… and I hate his class… he understood I think … about how I feel its wasting my time and I’m tired of all of this crap i have to do with him and for him because its a stupid frosh class and I don’t need it!

Now for the true lowlight of the day… the pre-med meeting I was invited to…. like all the other pre-med people I got the E-mail saying there’s going to be a meeting. so… i decide to go… and it was scary… the evil acronym MCAT was brought up, and cadavers and other horriable things that I don’t need to know… along with M.D and D.O and all these other things that don’t make sence to me, like the LOOOOOOOONG resedency… and then she tells us about Allied health …

I ALWAYS KNEW I WAS ALLIED HEALTH. and how dr.Mitchell is our advisor… and we shouldn’t be here… and i go right to him after this meeting and we talk for abotu 45 minutes about stuff and how I shouldn’t worry and with my GPA and my work ethic he can try to get me to field study next semester in the hospital as a shadow…I’m looking forward to my chance at that… He told me to chill out and stop worrying and he has no problem with me and knows I’m a good kid. All that rot. It made me feel good after talking to him.

I saw my mommy today before religion too. I really needed to see my mommy… I just feel sad… I just feel very sad and alone… I have for a while now. I’m just tired… I guess thats it…

I'm going over the same useless shit again…there's some new stuff too…but its a lot of old things too that no one has to read about… I'll start cutting it all from now on, I'm complaining about missing him too much