As of this moment. Right now. I am going to become a better human being. No more of the old garbage. The beginning of a new me is right now.

There is theis new guy that works at the food court. I told him something that wasn’t exactally true and I’d love to go back and tell him that truth right now… and that I’m single… He’s really cute.

I want a hug… so yeah…. more to post later about being sick, but I should get some homework done now

i fucking hate english! I hate boutcheis class! I don’t understand! How could i ever think i could be a writer when i don’t understand any of this stuff that he wants me to fix?! No one ever taught me this stuff and its driving me crazy!

I just don’t want to go to his one-on-one meeting today… I just wnna cry I’m so frustrated! I’m tired and cranky and don’t want to put up with this bullshit!!!

my dorm is haunted and i got to meet one of the ghosts last night and it scared the hell out of me…