Egads, man, calm the fuck DOWN! It’s quite apparent that your libido is in need of a leash–and not like that, you perverted moron. Sure, sex is perfectly natural and healthy, but simply put, you’ve got some serious problems going on. Put down that vibrating plush and dispose of that unsightly skunk suit, because you’re scaring your family. You need professional help, man.

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Egads, man, calm the fuck DOWN! It’s quite apparent that your libido is in need of a leash–and not like that, you perverted moron. Sure, sex is perfectly natural and healthy, but simply put, you’ve got some serious problems going on. Put down that vibrating plush and dispose of that unsightly skunk suit, because you’re scaring your family. You need professional help, man.

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77 things I learned in band camp

1. the word “one” is an infinite quantity. There is no such thing as “one more time.”

2.The whistle is the merciless god of your excistance.

3. judges are mean, cruel, heartless people (unless they give you sweepstakes)

4. you had lived your life up till this point not fully understanding the definition of “loud”

5. 7/8 time was a good idea, but it just doesn’t work.

6. playing the Hey Song double time and watching the cheerleaders try to keep up can be EXTREMELY amussing.

7. no matter how many times the football team loses, they will still insist that the band sucks.

8. mud sticks……to everything

9. after a while, teachers get used to you practicing during class on your pencil.

10. hair of any length can be put in a pony tail…given the proper amount of hair spray.

11. your plume is not alive, and it is not trying to eat you.

12. no matter how he tried, a trombone player can’t blame it on the reed.

13. double reed players should never eat sprinkle covered cookies before a concert. trust me.

14. cats can do everything. who knew?

15. guys can talk about video games for an entire bus ride without getting bored.

16. pot holes and horse poo that wasn’t there before will magically appear right in front of you during competition.

17. the front rank will always have one person who cannot march in a straight line if their life depended on it.

18. the center guide always has really long legs, or really short ones

19. foot ball games are really fun until you drop a lollipop down your saxophone and can’t get it out.

20. the copyright law does not really exist. copying music isn’t stealing, it is “borrowing”.

21. gloves attract dirt. it doesn’t matter how many times you bleach them, they will always be dirty.

22. Band wars are WAY more intense competition than the football game itself.

23. Band members know all the cheerleader’s cheers by heart and can do them 10 times better.

24. at some point during the year, someone will drop their instrument from the bleachers. this is fact of life.

25. you are better off not knowing what has gone on in the drum room.

26. Pomp and Circumstance is a form of cruel and unusual punishment and should be deemed unconstitutional.

27. guys should not wear tighty whities to band events. this will result in much mocking and in extreme cases, blindness in bystanders.

28. Throwing produce on buses gets you into more trouble than you’d expect.

29. Nothing is a secret in band. We know all.

30. fights between the band director and the drum major are slightly worse than WWII and just as noisy.

31. there will always be those few band members who continue to hang around the band and band events long after they have graduated.

32: How to carry around 20 music stands back up to the music department after rehearsal.

33: How to fit your bag, all your books, your P.E kit and you instrument into your locker at the one time.

34: How to look like you have put away all the chairs neede for the band when actually you have only put away one or two.

35: To be able to play your instrument without throwing it away after playing for 24 hours in the space of 2 and a half days.

36: How to learn to play 10 new pieces of music in 2 days.

37: How to learn to put out around 40 chairs in 5 mins.

38:What ever class you have after band, you will always be late to.

39:Old band directors WILL come back to haunt you down the line

40:you learn to chew gum,talk,eat candy,and play your instrument at the same time.

41:you will always and i mean always look really bad in band pictures

42:never play truth or dare on the bus!

43:how to change into your uniform in front of 70 other people in less than 2 minutes.

44:how to properly hang up your uniform in the dark.

45:how to hate every new song you come across only to find that you actually enjoy playing it.

46:trumpets get 98.5% of the solos.

47: Hand checks suck if you are sitting with your boyfriend or girlfriend and are half asleep.

48: Chaperones will be put in the back of the bus.

49: If you are sharing a seat with someone of the opposite sex and are on a 3 hour bus trip that left at 4am and both are asleep, people will comment on how cute you are together.

50: Drummers and trumpet players trying to learn colorguard routines is funny but scary

51:On bus rides, when everyone gets bored, they sing.

52:Senior guys and have this strange obession with sitting on each others laps

53: It is possible to play and dance at the same time during a halftime show.

54: It is possible for 20 people to change out of uniforms on a school bus at one time.

55: There will always be inside jokes that only band people will understand.

56: Band people will automatically roll their feet when walking down the hall.

57: If you are walking with other band members, you will be in step.

58: If you walk on the opposite football team’s side during 3rd quarter break with your uniform on, people will give you weird looks.

59:there are no such things as straight lines… unless you are supposed to be in a curve…

60:you WILL learn to hate the metrenome!!!

61. spin the bottle/truth or dare is much more interesting w/ band people.

62. parties are much more interesting w/ band people.

63. heck, LIFE is much more interesting with band people.

64. trombones are so far out there, the best thing to do is smile, nod, and don’t smoke anything they offer you.

65. to be early is to be on time, and to be on time is to be late.

66. to be late is to be DEAD!

67: In the stands, if the other band plays a song that your band knows, your band must immediately play the same song. There is no way you can let that other band think that they can play it better.

68:When going somewhere with the band you will atomatically have more parents than you can count. And NEVER try to argue with any of these parents because the really ticks the director off.

69: The bandroom is your second home. You will spend more time there than at your own home. And the band direstor is your 3rd parent, and has about as much say in your life as your real parents do.

70: PDA is accpetable…it doesn’t matter what the principal says b/c he will never visit the band room or band bus to know that it is happening.

71: It doesn’t matter what you look like at band events b/c the other bandites have prolly seen you at your worst and they like you anyway.

72:The freshmen will proceed to forget everything they’ve learned. Even when you correct them time and time again.

73:After time, you WILL be hit in the back with some sort of large percussion instrument. You can’t escape it, so don’t try.

74:Most of the trumpets have gone through geometry, but still don’t understand geometric concepts, such as lines.

75:When marching in the sun, put sunscreen on. Otherwise you will end up with a nice tan on one side and glow-in-the-dark white on the other.

76:When a rehersal is supposed to end at a specific time, add at least 15 minutes onto the end time.

77. and finally, i learned that band is soooo much fun, and i wouldn’t trade it for anything!

pretty song ^^


over mountains, over trees
over oceans, over seas
across the desert
i’ll be there
in a whisper on the wind
on the smile of a new friend
just think of me
and i’ll be there

don’t be afraid oh my love
i’ll be watching you from above
and i’d give all the world tonight
to be with you
’cause i’m on your side
and i still care
i may have died
but i’ve gone nowhere
just think of me
and i’ll be there

on the edge of a waking dream
over rivers, over streams
through wind and rain
i’ll be there
across the wide and open sky
thousands of miles i’d fly
to be with you
i’ll be there


in the breath of a wind that sighs
oh, there’s no need to cry
just think of me
and i’ll be there

Oooh… I don’t know what I’m going to do…

Well, after the past two days I don’t know what I want to do… I just found out some things that are less then desireable… I’m just so stressed out.. I guess I should say my reasions..

1: I had to go back to school on last wednesday… and I’m going to mods 5-6 (( English mythology, Period 3)) and I stop at my locker. (( sadly… its in THE DAMNED MIDDLE of one of the busiest hallways North Hunterdon has)) I kneel down drop off some books and reach for my spanish book… when what happens?

Some ASSHOLE and his friends are fooling around and running down the hall. My wrist was still in the locker when he tripped over me and SLAMMED THE FRIGING DOOR ONTO MY WRIST!! I screamed and the guy looked horified… said sorryand ran back off with his friends, ** note** my wrist was still stuck in the locker…

I spend some of my day with ice on it until the pain was too great and I had to go have X-rays taken… Dignosis… I’ve severly fractured my wrist, and the bone in my thumb is cracked. If it hurts tomorow I have to go get MORE X-rays and it still hurts today…

2nd: The snowflake Victor sent me was broken by my mother… who was ATTEMPTING to put a new ring on it when I liked the origional one just fine! and now it’s broken and I can’t wear it! I don’t feel like myself without it on! I love that thing so much, it’s so pretty… but I miss it..

3rd: my dad’s company…is being sold… and we don’t know if the new company is going to take all of the old people with it… and we don’t know if my dad is going to have a job.. so…I’m stressed over that… I don’t think I’m going to be making any phone calls anymore… or much of anything… I’m just so… **sighs** overwhelmed i guess…

hey! I broke my wrist and just don’t feel like updating lately! What else is new!!

hey look! my top 3 are my 3 favorites!


You are Sailor Chibi Moon!
Aren’t you a cutie? You can be a bit bratty, but
when you’re sweet it always makes up for
your sour side. You’re spunky, and young.
You have a special bond with your mother,
and a special bond with another special someone.

You fight with the power of sweets, sugar, and love!

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You are Sailor Neptune!
You are beautiful, very intelligent, and
are a very talented musician.
You have a special love for someone
out there who means the world to you.

You fight with the power of the deep sea!

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You are Sailor Pluto!
You are mysterious, and powerful.
You are the keeper of time, and though you
posses the power to stop time… if you did, it
would kill you. Quite a responsibilty.
You’re probably rather fond of garnet.

You fight with the power of death and time!

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…created by Kenzie.

oh. By the way. I broke my wrist