My Westminster mommy taught me how to make Oragami today! I love millie! She’s so nice to me. And Critical pedagogy was cut today because shitty didn’t show up. Yay.

I get to go home tomorrow afternoon and have more dentle work done on thursday and I’m stressing like an idiot…

Angie Aparo — Spaceship

When you gonna grow up
Momma always said
Are you gonna walk around with a silly grin
And a bubble on your head
A spaceship landed by the mall
There was a big parade
Everybody got laid
And they burned all the books and the Chevrolets
They grow so fast they never crawl

If you get tired of satellite flyers
And fame has let you down
Under the wire and over the moon
I’m around

When you gonna grow up
Momma always said
But I just wanna walk around with a dollar bill
And a coat that never sheds
A spaceship landed on the water
It was a holiday
For the underpaid
Everybody got a haircut and lemonade
And they smiled just like it was their father

If you get tired of satellite flyers
and fame has let you down
under the wire and over the moon
I’m around

Play me a groove one for my radio one for my love
That came and went
So many stories, hey man I’m sorry.
Joe, this is just a song to pay the rent

…When you gonna grow up

I’m depressed again… and its bad again…. I don’t know what happens in my brain… and i have so much i need to get out but I just don’t want to type… i wish i was a paid member so i could do a phone post or something…

Everyone should listen to this song. it rocks

Searching …

I would happen to be on a quest for these following items if you know where I could find any of these… please tell me

  1. A 4cu dumpster
  • 7 piano strings
  1. A welder
  1. something to cut a hole in the dumpster with
  1. a large piece of wood. like… 3′ x 4′

Call me if you have any questions…. or have any of these things

I’m tired of not feeling right

Ok… Thanksgiving is over. Thank god. I still feel sick from all the stress… I should post about everything but I just don’t want to sit here. So since I have work tomorrow I think I’ll post then… or whenever I get around to it tomorrow.

but I saw the Increadables today, its a good movie. but for some reason now I want to see mystery men… I need to go get it from somewhere

and the dentist AGAIN on thursday. I never want to go back EVER AGAIN