OH wait

i was going to post about Zavier. We’re not seeing eachother in DC. i really want to just be with him.

too bad he’s not as kinky as he use to be. there’s no fun if he’s not.

its part of what i like about him….. shit

i just need sleep…. oh yeah baby… oh yeah

I ate too much all day … and cleaned..

and im worried about dude, he hurt himself today when the psychos were over and i feel bad i stressed him like that. my poor baby!!!!!!! i hope he’s going to be ok. i’d just….. i’d just loose it if i lost him…

and now back to desprate housewives. and hopefully i’ll wake up and not feel like and ichy allergy nasty mess.

Just a little piece of amusement for the night

Juliet Chantel: if i was staying over ….
Zavier: Yeah?
Juliet Chantel: …I’d let you sleep with me
Zavier: ^^;
Juliet Chantel: i highly doubt there’s be much sleep that night
Zavier: Oh?
Juliet Chantel: what do you mean “Oh?”
Zavier: You never know ^^;

Anthony: is it inappropriate to want to fuck to the imperial march?
Juliet Chantel: I love how I’m talking about fucking someone just as you imed that to me
Anthony: LMAO!
Anthony: i have the sexth sense

Juliet Chantel: lmfao
Juliet Chantel: oh, and no. I don’t think its inappropriate to want to fuck to the imperial march. it actually seems kinda…. fitting, you know what i mean

Anthony: LMAO!

Zavier: ch-ch-ch-ch-hah-hah-hah-hah

A short story about my family…. as told to nick

Juliet Chantel: oh? I learned more about my cracked out family today

Nick: what’d you learn

Juliet Chantel: so….

Juliet Chantel: My aunt mary told my uncle paul that he hould go get a kiack… or how ever its spelled. Because they all like it and they think its fun

Nick: meh…my day was long…however…i FINALLY got to talk to Mandy…but that was awkward and a half

Nick: mmhmm

Juliet Chantel: so Paul goes and gets the kiyak and he decides he needs to go out and get away from his day at the prison

Juliet Chantel: congrats on talking to mandy

Juliet Chantel: So he decides to get into his kiyak with his 6 pack and his cd player in his work clothes and go out into the middle of the lake alone

Nick: ho boy

Nick: what happened?

Juliet Chantel: so he decides that he’s going to go fox the foot pedals and the moron leans down (I think he had a little too much to drink at this point) and he tries to fix it with his hands and flips the damn thing over.

Nick: smooth

Juliet Chantel: so he gets out and has to swin a good distance to find his paddle and has to flip the boat over

Juliet Chantel: so he finally gets it over… and he can’t get back in

Juliet Chantel: so he tries a few times to get back in and after he keeps failing he TOES THE FUCKING THING BACK TO SHORE

Juliet Chantel: lost his glasses and can’t see

Nick: that really sucks

Juliet Chantel: gets to shore. Now… he lost the glasses, flipped the kiack, the weathers turned bad and its all cold and he’s in his work clothes and soaked. But he still managed to keep hold of what was left of his 6 pack, the CD player still works and he had to drive home

Nick: wow

Juliet Chantel: So there’s a woman on shore and asked him if he got a hole in the boat. So he pointed to the one you get into the thing in and told her “only this one”

Juliet Chantel: but Paul never lost his beer…. sign of a true, true redneck

Nick: that’s luck that the cd player is still working

Nick: lol

Juliet Chantel: it got stuck in the cooler that his beer was in. Truly the sign that I am related to rednecks…

no post in 5 days … dear aurora

so, i’ve been busy. not like anyone really cares or not.

So I went back to taekwondo and i think i need to start a “lets help J.C raise money to stay at tkd for another few months” fund.

and whats up with the whole semagic not working? is anyone else having this problem with it? I mean, its just not contacting the server. god dammit i never have good luck when i post on the website.

What else of intrest is going on in my life…. lots and lots of piano playing too im trying to learn “landed” by ben folds and its stinking hard but he’s going to be on the view on monday and im going to see him hopefully play “landed” and then i can see some tricks that im missing.

I’m going on vacation in june too!!! yay, all exciting. First vacation in like … 10 years, i just need someone to go to antrocon with me and then i’ll be set. i just need one person i know. other than this trip with my mom and then i’ll be set!

total hottness

anyway, im going to go see starwars again this weekend with my old man. its a good movie and maybe my father and i are going to actaully get along for once? maybe …. kinda …. maybe….

so, june seems to be my month. I know its may, but june is gonna be cool.

1) going to washington for a week.
2) going to see spamalot
3) starting work with the scouts.

then in July I’m going to go to anthrocon. I just have to go to anthrocon. I am just going to have to. even if Vic can’t make it. I want to see 2 ranting live!!!!

there’s some stuff about Vic im thinking about, but i really don’t feel like posting it. he went hiking with a friend today, or at least its some form of hiking. i can’t wait until i hear all about this one!!! lol my dear vicci, sometimes i wonder about you,

hurrah and huzzah the big star wars post

Your Star Wars Name and Title

Your Star Wars Name: Julwi Juchi

Your Star Wars Title: Nosche of Hsoj

So, this starts with a lot of bitching but it ends up all ok in the end. Katy calls me a month before this when the tickets first went on sale and we both preordered them. She said it would be us, jeremy and her brothers. That was okay with me, i like all of them. So i thought we’d get to get together and watch some movies before hand.

She also suggested that we all go in costume for the hell of it too! I’m always one to go for a costume. Everyone knows that about me. It’s always fun pretending to be someone else. I mean, I’m furry, we do it as like… a way of life.

so i say ok and as it gets closer to wednesday night I don’t hear from her much. So i message her a few times and ask her whats going on and she said she’s working that day and i said okay to that too and thought how late could she work. Then she decides shes not going in costume! What the fuck man? She’s a bigger showboat than I am. I was so irritated, I’ve done a lot of work on my costume and then she decides shes not going to do it too? Needless to say i was pretty angry with her about it. I didn’t get it! She has 2 costumes her mom made for her and i mean, mine was kinda cooler but its still the idea of it!!

so it gets closer still (and i finally finish my costume on tuesday, because it was a lot of work i put in) and she says we’re not doing anything on wednesday at all. i was sad. but she wasn’t working the next day. The plan was we’d all meet at her house and go to the movies together then go back to her house and probably crash out there for the rest of the night.


no. She tells me to call her and leave her a message on wednesday and talk to her because she ‘ll know whats going on then. So i call her and she waits until 9:30 to call me back and tell me to be at her house at 10:30 because she needs a nap and shes tired and she’s still not going in costume because thats dumb. oh, and by the way. A girl I’ve never gotten along with is comming and we have to go pick her up first.

I’m standing by my stairs in my house like … “you just said WHAT?! ~ Jackie is comming? Katy what the fuck?!” Shes telling me that she just found out and she might not even be in the same theatre and she only got the ticket today. I’m like .” no, not cool. Not cool at all.”

Your Amazing Yoda Sex Line

“Happens to every guy sometimes this does.”

The kicker is that my brother knew all about this! She told him at work how she didn’t even want to go anymore and that jeckie was comming and Anthony said it was in jackies info. HELLO WE REALLY DON’T LIKE EACHOTHER AND I DIDN’T THINK KATY LIKED HER! What the hell is up with this shit anyway!?

So I call katy back and tell her that I’m driving myself, I don’t know why I have to drive all the way to her house just to double back to go to jackies house WHEN MINE IS ON THE WAY TOO. Where the hell is the logic there?!

so my mommy takes me with garretts mommy. They don’t want garrett driving home with another kid at 3am either. or driving home alone at 3am. But we’re going down 78 and theres this dead dear sprawlled in the road and we almost hit it. She’s a good driver that she got around it and there were no problems!

I get there and katy isn’t there yet. But I’m there and everyone wants pictures with me and of me. I was the only queen amidala there! It was so awesome, so as I’m standing in line people are comming up to me to get pictures taken! I felt totally special by that. I loved all the attention! Katy gets there with jackie and they both looked disgusted by me in the costume but I was getting all the attention and not katy.

Well, this part gets cooler.

Katy and i go into the theatre and someone starts yelling “its Queen Amidala” and everyone started clapping and i get a standing ovation from this packied screen room! it was the coolest thing ever really. I couldn’t get over all the attention. And katy admitted she should have gone in costume.

The movie was ok. its got some issues but it was starwars. and katy and i haven’t spoken since.

and now for a brief commercial break

Random acts of mischief

No one bother to correct any spelling.

But im all perky and random even though my days are totally lame and crappy. But starwars is tomorrow night!!! YAY!!! I can’t wait to go to starwars!!! So yeah… omg im really excited to see katylove and my friends! hottshit yo

lmao. too much ghetto crap with Josh tonight

oh yeah, and Vicci even though you don’t read this. I love ya baby. AC & DC this year? *lol* I hope so …. and please, no capes… or me being tacky clichet shit again



whatelse to report. I might see vic twice this year! yay! Once in DC and one at Anthrocon!!! HOTTSHIT!

so… yeah…maybe I’ll post more later. 🙂 PSYCH!

i have more practicing to do. I want to have time perfected for my piano performance!