fucking job…. more when the homework is done


one of those strange posts

Well, I just got given jobs for school that I didn’t really want to get. For one of my classes… Learning as Ministry we’re having a party on 12/2 and I have to bring something to that meeting but I don’t feel like i want to bring desert for it, but I have to bring something nice. I’ll think of something good… i have a little bit of time to think about it …

then I’m sitting in Xian theology and we’ve just started class and she said we’re having a small potluck on the last day and I said something about it and then she volunteered me to be the Hostess for the party to make sure everyone knows what to bring and what to do. So i guess since we’re doing it the 4th I’ll e-mail everyone about thanksgiving time and see what they’re bringing. one of the lovely ladies is already said shes going to bring desert since she lives near one.

oh, here’s another update that’s going to be amusing I get to send my laptop off to get repaired and its going to be gone for like 2 weeks, lord help me i don’t know what I’m going to do for all that time when i know I’m not going to get to have a decent laptop but at least this one will work while its gone. I know i can use Davis computer to do my homework but I dont want to use it while he’s home… not like he’ll mind but at the same time… I can do my work while I’m at home and he’s at work… I can try at least I have so much to get done asap. I was on the phone forever with those idiots at HP. I will never get another HP computer… even if my next computer will be a desktop and hopefully some kind of Sony or HP.

well, i need to get myself organized again, I’m sitting in class working on this post while i think i need to make my homework game plan for the next two days before i can send this computer away and get all the stuff off of it. I will get this together asap for this work… maybe i can get some of it done this weekend? I don’t know… we’ll work it out… i have to really because its going to be getting to the end of the semester and I’ll run out of time… im worried about running out of time. I know I’ll have time during the daylight hours to get all this done and if i have to be at the lab then i have to do that too…

I feel like for school i always need to make lists to get things done, but for the rest of life i don’t want to have to make them. i just need to get myself organized and do it. there we go…

oh, one last thing before i go back to thinking about school and making my notes about school for myself….. That new song by the Weepies, the one that was in Dirty Sexy Money… it’s called “Somebody Loved” and I feel like i want to work on a project to make an icon that I can use so it will be the song, then have Davis, me and then one of us together with pictures of our furry selves and rotate through the last line of the chorus. that would be cute… ok…. back to homework and school… one more post probably about stuff i need to get done ASAP


I went to xtinas dads funeral today and it was very touching and very sad even though i never knew the man but he was so truly loved by his family and everyone else there. Im glad I got to go and be there for xtina… but dear lord Kutztown is far away