When good cones go bad…

ImageWell, It’s not like this is common knowledge… but my father co-owns an ice cream cone company… It’s not very big, and it’s not doing very well… but he does own it. They’re based out of Philadelphia. He’s had it since 2007-ish after he “retired” from his job with the fragrance company that was run by a bunch of crazy people on the other side of the country.

When he got this thing, he promised my mother she would be able to help and work from home with it … he promised me that after 5 years it would be mine … and that I’d learn how to do everything there and when he retired I could take it over. Well, everyone got all jerked around and he ended up going into it with the dead founders daughters… they each have a percent… and he has the majority… by like … 1%. Well, the daughters and the husbands think the whole thing is worth millions … the baker is a lying, cheating, crooked bastard… and my father doesn’t understand how the bakery business goes…. but, that doesn’t seem to matter.

The day he got the fucking thing… he reneged on the promises he made my mother and I …it was over. He was going to do it all himself (and the other crew of course) … everything was gone … but he couldn’t leave us out of it. I almost lost one of my jobs because they sold the product at the store and he told the store manager… conflict of interest… things have continued on like that until now. He said that with 20K he could do a lot of things for it… and I tried to figure out an answer even though I thought there might be a way that we could do it … why did I open my mouth, why did I care.

Is there such a thing as filial respect from a daughter?

as we all know, it’s 2013…

What you don’t know is that my mom invited us down for lunch and we went to have a decent time … She called yesterday to see and I thought ok, and so did he… Well, we had the BBQ and that was good, but the have a nice time thing  that didn’t happen. I got to take home a really neat armful of old pictures … that was pretty cool. I like getting to scan the history into here so i know it wont go away…

My father and I got into it… I asked him (again) if I could learn how to make the cones … he’s an island in the ocean of bullshit and if he needs someone on his side at that place… like he already pointed out 500 times… I have too much free time on my hands and need to do something useful

It got ugly… a truly nasty verbal battle between the two of us where I told him that I would learn how to do the cones, if he wanted me down there at 4 or 6am I’d be there… but I’d be someone who wasn’t playing for their own interests … I’d go down there and learn to do the cones or whatever he wanted me to do and no one would need to know what my history was. I could just be someone stupid doing this … But if his baker quits… or anything else happens he doesn’t understand the bakery business… all I wanted to do was  help… all I wanted to do was try to find a way that works for him… that makes a differences so the business might be a little less stressful for him… something. He told me that he doesn’t need me, and never will because bakers are a dime a dozen and if I think I’m doing something that he can’t get someone (__insert rude thing here__) down there who can do that for him. I shouldn’t take it personally either. I am not special at all. Anyone can do my job and cheaper than I am.

he got SO mad at me that he stormed off and didn’t even talk to me afterwards…he just let us leave without even a word. I find out that he feels like i’m attacking him and we teamed up on him. So… We went home… and now I’m painting the living room… and I took a nap too… just something to get me out of this whole funk I’m in now.

We know my father has his own issues… we know that he’s someone who needs to be the provider and that right now he’s pretty miserable with the way the whole thing is going (failing). By me offering to help him it’s a slap in the face for him … that I’m telling him that it’s a big failure. If Davis suggested things to him it would be different but not me.


you know what… I’m done here.

VolleyBall Injury


After an awesome time at Johanna’s on Sunday … and getting pegged in the face with a Volleyball… this is how my face is looking… hurts like flipping hell

Oh, and on top of that, my whole body is so rigid and stiff and sore. But… this weekend was great…oh, and my glasses are fixed but they hurt too much to wear

Cover in progress.

Cover in progress.

Davis helped me get this going so I could finish it up. Too bad I had to put the side guards back on… I need to cut them down so they suck less. I hate that they’re fixed height armrests. oh well, at least it’s pretty. next step is to make a pillow to sit on.

a fan letter…not like i’ll ever send it … or he’d read it anyway… i can just humiliate myself here just fine

a fan letter...not like i'll ever send it ... or he'd read it anyway... i can just humiliate myself here just fine

Dear Mr.Hammond,

My name is Juliet… and its taken me years to finally be able to try to write this letter to you. I know you’re busy and you’re probably never going to even see this letter either since I’m an American, but I wanted to try.

I have a brain disorder too… multiple ones, actually… but that’s not really important… Ive always felt really bad about them … because i wanted to be normal so badly. And, i kinda thought i’d never be able to do anything with myself because of it… and I never saw anyone successful with anything like me… and I never felt like I’d be able to achieve anything because of this.

Than I saw you talking about your accident and what it was like to have to come back from that. Some of the things you talked about … they’re things that I have to go through everyday. I never heard anyone talk about it like that, like the way I feel about it … but get to go on and be able to still do really amazing things. It meant so much to me … because i see so many children with what i have but so few adults .. to see an adult talk about the depression and having to learn how to do things differently again… yeah… it just really meant so much to me.

I know i’m never going to accomplish anything like you have, my dreams are small and I know who and what I am… and that there isn’t anything out there like that for me … but it really made me feel more like a person and less like a lab rat knowing that someone else knows what its like to try to ‘prove’ that you’re better so badly… but … know that … it just made me feel a bit more normal knowing someone else knows how that feelings … and knows how hard it is to prove that you’re better… and that it’s not true.

Thank you. Truly. From the bottom of my atypical brain … If you do see this, I hope maybe you could send me an autograph. My birthday was on 23.03 and I wanted to try to send this to you before then … but i chickened out…

thank you so much, even if you don’t ever see this … for talking about what happens with brain injuries and brain issues… for all of us who have them and never thought there’d be anything out there for us, or anyone who understood.

thank you