… sometimes i hate the people i work with, but that’s ok. the other people dont suck as much as i think they do all the time …. even if whoever writes the schedule is an asshole ..

back to something better … today’s my WEDDING ANNIVERSARY

..even if i do hve class tonight


should be leaving for work already… but I’ve not..haha… off to decorate cakes in Vicki’s spot today… woo hoo… and its nice that its daylight out now…

i need to remember to check the mail on my way home, and call the doctor to make that appointment … then maybe Davis will sleep (?) ….Laundry on Wednesday because like heck I’m going today

yep yep… off to wegmans

a little while ago i posted some shit in here that no one needed to see, its been taken down because i realize how stupid i am and how it sounded … isee where i was wrong, am wrong … and really … what i need to work on …

I’m sorry bunny …i love you