Emergency Room

well I’m home now with my Davis … I got to take a ride in the ambulance tonight to get to the hospital because some people just suck and won’t drive me … Em brought me over and stayed for a while and then she had togo and it was trick or treat night too and so it was all people with dumb injuries

… i was SO VERY HAPPY to see my davis there when he got in… so happy and everything hurts so much… we had to go on an adventure too over to the 24 hour walgreens in easton to get my vicoden filled… i think its time for all good little squrrlies to take their medicine and go to sleep

but thats how my night went. bai bai all

car accident

yep… you heard that title right .. but I’ll get to it

My guitar teacher and i are thinking about getting me a recidle at the end of next year. we talked about learning classical guitar and that i should go out and get one… so i talked to my mom who said it could be my christmas present… that was so exciting

I got paid today too and it turns out i was being overtaxed so i get a big refund check in the mail next friday its going to be at least $60

so i went on my way out to whitehall to go look at the new Guitar Center (which i learned sucks) and i went over to the mall and other things like that and got new earrings to go with my costume for tomorrow and i got gloves for the costume and a new bra because my boobs have just gotten like… huge

and as i’m going to leave and all is well and i get in my car and im thinking its time to take her to get cleaned out and the next time i go home i’ll stop at the car wash thats not full serve and im driving past the entranceand this guy in a black honda is going to turn into the lane i just passed and then he hits me.

…. i paniced and called my mother and got shitty with her about it. i was freaking out. so we did all of the poliece report things. both guys were so nice about everything and i don’t know what to do now. Darla could be worse but at the same time im still really worried and upset… and I’m in a whole lot of pain right now from the way i got hit. It was driver side rear door. i’ll post pictures of it when i get them.

My back hurts a lot. i’ve gotten darla back to the parking garrage because im worried water will get into her. Em came to get me and we’re in her room now and i think i have to go to the ER about my back even though i promised Davis i would wait for him to take me…this hurts so much… more later


well I’m sick again … the guys from NY came down and they were going to demo all of the new products for the winter and things … and i got sick…my ears are killing me and i had to get drugs and fight with my mother and feel like crap…

blah… im going back to sleep… yes i damn well am

Davis I love you


well I’m awake…. i want to post about everything but at the same time post about nothing… maybe tomorrow will be a backdate day for me … maybe…

He’s sleeping over there. Im glad to see it but what a reverse this one is. I mean, usually im the one sleeping…….. whatever.

Payday is comming about in a few hours and since both of us are totally broke thats a good thing. I’ve been having money problems like hell lately but thats not that important i guess.

I only got up to do homework…but the idiot never e-mailed me the project to do the outline of so i guess thats damn out of the question.

I’m going to get “Over the Hedge” today since I’ll have the money… its going to be great…. I cant wait to see it.

I have more to say but thats for another entry..


I worked my first night shift tonight …. it was pretty nice. I got to make friends with this girl who works patissrie. She’s so sweet. I got to do what i wanted and a few other things like make trays and cookies. I really liked it. I think thats going to become my favorite time of day to work

… but around 7:30 or something there was this older man who was standing by the cases and just doing notihng but watching and then he came over near me and i asked if i could help him and he said no but he loved watching me. He said that im just so graceful and so good at what i do and i was a pleasure to watch. I was blushing so badly. It was so sweet of him to say that to me. i really, really liked hearing that someone thinks that im doing a good job.

I even got to leave a little early because everything finished up and i cleaned up well. It was nice