tee hee hee

We got that little wedding paper signed today… so its all legit and legal! woohoo. Now… to get to the fun part of the whole thing…………………..

the cloak is getting done too …. slowly…i want it done by thursday totally so that way i don’t have to think about it for Friday when I’m going insane making cakes and other shit to bring to ritual.

I cant sew very well so Davis has to keep helping me…

just got hom

Got my material at the store … black broadcloth and shiny silver something… they were both on sale but its still really expensive to make one of these… and i got the clasp too. time to start work …. maybe if i’m lucky i can get it all cut tonight and pinned… we shall see… eventually i need to sleep … but sleep is over rated… Davis is still feeling sick from that flu shot so hes in bed all day sleeping. I came in to check on him and to see how he is but hes only started to wake up

i think i hear him so im going to go snuggle a bit before he gets up … if he does. he might just stay in there and read while i work on this. poor sicky bunbun

Book of Shadows

I had Book of Shadows class tonight… it was pretty good even if my poor bunny is sick and i dont like when hes not feeling good. I did the whole class and at the end I’m talking to the HPs about some crap and she says to me that she will be the one who will sign my ordination papers. and I kinda told her "yeah right" … and she asked me what did i think about having them done on Samhain… and I just looked at her like WTF… and thats really cool if she will sign them them because ive been wanting this hoping for this and just praying for this for soooo long now i dont know even if i want to believe that its true. I keep thinking that something is going to happen and im just going to be dissapointed by it all again like it never will happen

 it doesn’t mean im not going to make a new cloak for the occasion… in the event that I might actually get it

I felt so out of place in the class though, i was surrounded by HP and HPs the whole time I felt like I shouldn’t be there… I stayed… and i have antother one on tuesday. I just dont know what to think.

Guess we’ll find out in a week.