Things you can buy for $5,439.89

… lots, but the doctor wants me to spend that money on my monthly script of Xenazine…

my now FORMER neurologists office filled out the script and had it sent to:

1) an old address that I don’t really use anymore so it was sitting there since the 9th and I had no idea about it because I was expecting it to be mailed to my HOUSE where the hospital sends my bills …
2) called 4 old phone numbers that have been out of service since either 07/06 …but the hospital calls my landline telephone for all my confirmations …
3) tried to bill an OLD insurance company that use to cover me under my parents… but that’s been since 2007…
4) contacted a former employer to try to find me … that I quit 5 years ago

…you only have 10 days to be in touch with them before they need a new prescription … and it was 18 days. So, Fuck that shit… I don’t understand how people are so stupid. I can’t even stand the amount of insanity.

So the best part is if I tried to take it and ran out I’d be extra screwed… so not fair

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