good day ,,,

Yesterday was a good day, happy to say that i have the one Walter paper done… need to get other stuff done and my thesis proposal is the next big thing to do… gotta have that done ASAP…

thats ok though…

off to play maplestory … hopefully after class i get to go buy a bra because my boobs got bigger

oh! one more thing, patty told me that lately when she looks around me and looks at me that shes been seeing babys… and its amazing because it kinda came up and i said something and she was so excited to tell me at the end of class

thats all for now! 

wonderful birthday

I have to say…this has been one of the best birthdays i have ever had… ever… so much was wonderful and even if i was home alone today that was fine.

my bunny is the most wonderful person…he got me a computer for my birthday!! a brand new desktop computer!!! and the build a bear sheepy!!! and i feel so bad though because we went out with sarah on Sunday and i made some stupid comment about not eating walmart cake and he ordered me a cake too!!!! i felt so bad i ruined his plans!! he got me a raspberry coffeecake thing instead and i cant wait for us to have some of it today!! 

i am so grateful… i am so thrilled. i dont know what else to say about it because i didnt expect it and i know i get weird about birthdays.

donald and vicki got me a beautiful book about the development and history of witchcraft and its so wonderful and helps me with my thesis!!!! 

im going to post this now i am so thrilled and so happy…


ive been waiting all day for him to come home for us to go out and do something… but i know hes tired and i know that there’s other stuff to do and god knows that im just being a whiny clingy pain in the ass …he said ive been clingy and not in a bad way i just have been though… and i just worry about him because hes not good with these early mornings at all…and i just want him to get some rest… i worry so much about him when he doesn’t sleep like he needs to ….and its wrong of me to want to go out to play… its wrong and selfish that i want to go out like that and play

…so i said i was just going to go over and pay the bill i have today, but instead i waited because he told me to wait and we’d go when he got home… and i guess is going to be written up as another communication error or something between us, but hes building on our sim and thats important too… and im not saying anything because thats important and its a lot of money for us and everything else… and i just dont want to go over and get it alone, i know i could…. hes going to say that i could when he goes to take a nap… but i dont want to….so im probably not….

so hes going to go take a nap… and im just going to do homework agian…and thats how it always is and it will be over soon, someday or something like that …so yeah…

…sorry about all the complaining, i just needed to get it out of my system, im going to go out now and pay my bill, get that book for Hailey and find some food too… but yeah… that and homework later

my wrist hurts … and all ive wanted to do all day is to see my guy and have him be happy when he gets home… i know hes so tired and im hard to deal with…

i’m not suppose to say rotten things about myself… so i’m trying not to…  …   …  …  …  but it makes it hard for me to want to put anything in here when i cant talk… and ive not been able to talk in a while…a long while, and im not going to put up more filters just so i can say stupid things that no one cares about and that will just get someone to tell me they hate when i say anything like that..

 i just wish that i could just be better….i just wish i could stop saying things that upset everyone… and just be better….

I still want this so bad……..

… almost got it when it was brand brand new… and its still only on limited edition…. i have no reason for it because i have so many decks i feel greedy… and my mom got me a beautiful bracelet and earrings for my birthday and my dad is getting me cones…. well a sleeve for me and one for Sarah….

i dont know… i should save my money and pay my bills and just buy it… and pay the bills so Davis and I can be happy. Im tired of being greedy and wanting material things anymore

but the deck alone is $185… and to get the book with it is $290!!

our island on SL is $400 a month or something sick like that…. look how much of a payment on our island there is! 

… i need to post more about biancas wedding too, im so mad about it

got home today..

work was ok for me… i do kinda like my job… got home and 2 clown loash and our new picci cat is dead….. les sighs,,, i cannot believe this happened again…..

i keep thinking today is sunday because i worked a full day…. but i have to get more thesis done… les sighs i wish i could get all the books here NOW….


I ordered something special for bunny today… something i know that he wants and he’ll like…i guess i shouldn’t spend money like that but he deserves it and hes been so stressed and upset lately. i know this thing isn’t going to make it better but i think it means that he knows i listen and i love him and i care so very much…

i just wish we could work things out that are making trouble… i know we can… its just going to take me putting it in my head that its not just MY PROBLEM … we both have things to work on.

i hope he likes it… im pretty sure he will