11:30-12:30– Introduction to Musicianship
1-2:30- Chapel Choir
3:20-4:20– Voice lesson
4:30-5:30– Instrumental Practice

8-9–Introduction to Psychology
9:45-11:15- Music Theory Lab
1-2 — Chapel Choir
2:30-3:10– Critical Pedagogy 1

8-9– Piano
11:30-12:30- Introduction to Musicianship
1-2– Chapel Choir
4:30-5:30- Instrumental Practice

8-9–Introduction to Psychology
2:45-3:10– Guitar and recorder
3:20-4:20– Voice Studio

11:30-12:30–Introduction to Musicianship
1-2– Chaple Choir
2:10-3:10–Critical Pedagogy 1
3:20-4:20–Music Education Lab

Posting again

About time I got back to this thing… I’m still stressed out to overload… When is all of this going to break for me? I get to go home this afternoon though, I’m so excited about that!! I get to see Johnny tonight tooand have I have something for him! Its cute, they had nothing really masculine at the bookstore, I wanted t oget him a hoodie or something but I have to save my money and all those things.

God I love this song… I haven’t heard it in so long! Its not on this new computer yet!!!

Today I get ot take a walking tour of Rider University today, and princeton…. whoptie-fucking-do I really just want to go home. I’m just thrilled though about one aspect of my schedule

On friday nights I’m done at 4:30 and my first class doesn’t start until 11:3o on monday!!! How awesome is that!?!?!?!?!?! I’m so happy about that!!!! Its a beautiful thing!

Um… I have to get my ears cleaned again… and I hate when that happens, because its kidna painful and very wet… maybe I can go get it done with the water pik again at HPA… hmm.. something to think about..

I should go though, the buss is leaving in 2 minutes… MAYBE

Day 2

*You know that point in your life when you realize the house you grew up in isn’t really your home anymore? That the idea of home is gone… Maybe that’s all family really is: a group of people who miss the same imaginary place*
~GaRdEn StAtE

I wanna go home… I wanna go home so badly… *crying*

I moved in to WCC today… It was the hardest thing ever.. I’ve never cried so much and wanted to go back to my house so badly… I miss my mommy so badly… and Johnny… and I just wanna go home…. *crying again*

I got here about 12… and lindsay was already here… and everything was a fiasco… and I wanted to be homke after that whole thing… nothing went right… Its hard to talk about without feeling like that again…

I miss my room, and my bed and my mommy and my fishies and everything… my music.. my own room with everything where I know it is… *sobbing* I want my space and my bathroom and everything again… I just can’t do this… I’m so scared and tonight has been os hard… and this whole day has been so hard for me…

I wanna go home so bad… I got my mommy to say she and my daddy would take me home on saturday afternoon… I wanna go home so bad…but I wanna go home now… I’ve been crying all day… my head hurts so bad and I don’t wanna make friends… I don’t wanna do any of this… I jsut wanna go somewhere private and cry my eyes out  … I’m so tired… I’m so overtired and I just want my pillow and everything back… I want my keyboard… and freedom to play whenever…I want someone to hug me and tell me its gonna be okay right now… I just want my mommy…. I’m such a baby…

I’ve been thinking about Johnny all day… and Viccito a little bit… I wish he could call me right now… and tell me Giovanni… or something… I just want to hear someone… I really want someone to be here with me and let me know its all okay… *listening to ben folds and crying more*

I’m going to try and latch-hook or something to try and pull myself together again…


Yeah… its a title… thats the best I can do…I leave in 6 days… wow… you know… I’m not even scared… I’m more indifferent…

but I have a huge problem… that once I find the time I’ll post about… god.. I don’t know… I think I’m just tired…