First day of camp

ooooh I love camp! I love being a leader! its so much fun!!!

my troop is 7 soon to be first graders! They’re all 5 years old!!!! and
adorable!!! They’re still at the point where they’re not snotty yet
because its not real school!

But it rained ALLLLLLLL DAY!!! like … monsoon rain. So everyone was
soaked. But we made two little projects and I even made one myself. My
first craft as a real member of the Girl Scout movement. I got my card
a a little while ago telling me I’m really a scout person now.

I don’t know if anyone knows how exciting for me this is!

i just love it! so i go to camp again tomorrow
with my little littles. We made little pinwheel things and these beed
bracelets with smile faces. I offered to give it to my mammy because
she said she’s craft deprived but she said i had to keep it because it
is my first thing i ever made as a scout. *giggles* I told her i’d make
her something tomorrow!

then Spamalot is wednesday and I have Taekwon-do tomorrow too. I have
to see how this is going to work for me and see how i can hold up. OThe
job is very easy I think i can do the TKD and work too. I’m not working
weekends and we have off for the 4th. i think i like this job a lot.

beats the crap out of working at shoprite! I’ll tell you that much.
Well, I need to repack my bag for tomorrow and get some sleep soon so i
actually get up and don’t just hit the snooze button!!

I’m so excited!!!

::End Transmission::

can someone explain to me why my semagic cliant isn’t working anymore? is anyone else having this happen too?

I know.. I need to start posting like i use to again, no one reads this but you know

all the computers in this house are fixed and damn am i happy about it

and work starts on monday!!! I can’t wait to see how it goes… more and mroe scouts! Ahhhhh! well, we’ll see.

and its just too hot. So im going to go back to my computer now and post this and get dressed to do some stuff. not like there’s all that much to do around here when its this hot.


okay, my night sucked

lemme give you the rund down here… because im sour

1) 2sense wasn’t on tonight…. goddamn earthquakes in California
2) 2sence is ending in July and I need to find the Furry Broadcasting Network so i don’t like … die
3) missed Taekwon-do because I didn’t know 2sense was canselled
4) have to repaint my deck. again.
5) my father is moving
6) I start work in a week with the scouts. WHEN WILL THE SCOUTING END?!
7) i might not get to do that bo staff camp because of work… I want to take time off work to do it… GODDAMMIT i need to talk to my boss…. again… and I already am taking a day off because of “Spamalot”

but I watched “The wedding singer” tonight and I love that movie! So I’m adding lyrics in here AND making them my IM info… so hah. Now… if a guy would sing this to me that would be totally sweet. I don’t know, maybe its my hopeless romantic side comming out… yeah, it is. I’ll get a grip in a minute and be okay

I wanna grow old with you

I’m obcessed again!! I need to find the music!!

Title: Flower’s Grave
artist: Tom Waits
album: Alice

Someday the silver moon and I will go to dreamland
I will close my eyes and wake up there in dreamland
And Tell me who will put flowers on a flower’s grave?
Who will say a prayer?

Will I meet a China rose there in dreamland?
Or does love lie bleeding in dreamland?
Are these days forever and always?

And if we are to die tonight
Is there a moonlight up ahead?
And if we are to die tonight
Another rose will bloom

For a faded rose
Will I be the one that you save?
I love when it showers
But no one puts flowers
On a flower’s grave

As one rose blooms and another will die
It’s always been that way
I remember the showers
But no one puts flowers
On a flower’s grave

And if we are to die tonight
Is there a moonlight up ahead?
I remember the showers
But no one puts flowers
On a flower’s grave

i went back to north yesterday for a little while. just for a visit and it was just like i remembered.

hot sticky and disgusting …. and too many people…

yep, thats school for you.

and i got a new cd yesterday too… i think i need to get tickets for the two shows these cds were made for.

and its too hot to go outside too… i might do a real post later or something. yeah

Dear Humanity and everyone in it,
I’m tired of you. and Im’ working on myself and im better, and im still trying more but don’t we all expand on things every once and a while? I will not be caught in a web oflies. im not like those people.

I meant to post that late last night …. when i had a lot of crap on my mind

anyway, DC was awesome!