Free at last free at last

I cant deal with band anymore that fucking whore has hurt me fir the last time… she cant shair she comes lateer than all of us to rehersals and I am tired of feeling like shes going out of her way to make trouble with me! We were friends… I taught the damn kid how to pump her own gass. I hope my kids don’t act like this with me… I feel like a part with a lot of the moco people. 

But I talked to my mother… well… let me start over… went to get my car foxed with my father this morning and made this msitake of waiting with him to get it done and we talked about school and about a bunch of other things and band but i was so angry with him about it because he was right about something i ahve to make my own priorities and i realized that working is more important than being in the band…so before my lesson and after class today i walked down to the music building, got my stuff out of my car and took it up to barnes office, put on the waterworks a bit to sound upset and told him i quit because of teh treatment of myself and the rest of the section. sad thing is he thought one talk would have fixed the whole thing and i just said its not working if its not enforced. 

i feel so free! he was sad to see me go! but i told the others from pit about it but Cindy and Mary but thats ok and the others felt bad but knew how i felt and its not like i wont see them its a small school. but it was better to go to work and not feel like im not going to die because i have no time to take care of myself and my life here too. 

went to work tonight and it was pretty good, i got to try the new carrot cake and it was great, i hate that too… everyone is pretty happy i left band. bleh… all i want to do is sleep for the past week i wonder if I’m gretting sick or something is up with me… im starting to get worried.  

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