It’s been so long since I posted… I might have forgotten how to do it!

Well, first I lost my password, then I made a new one and I couldn’t remember it … then there were a lot of other excuses that really don’t matter now do they? But… I’ve had so much to say… for like … WEEKS now…WEEKS … and I don’t even know where to start and where to stop anymore… I have a really cool opportunity coming up, but that opportunity comes with a lot of work… The funny thing is I’m not afraid of working for it.  I’m just afraid of failure!!! .  I guess everyone’s afraid of failure aren’t they?

I’m start the middle of this story, so Tourette’s Camp was supposed to be the first weekend of the month and I tried to go to was there for like a day… That’s right after I got the EEG taken off my head and when I get there.  All the hand sanitizer is full of aloe! there are wipes with aloe in them too …so I made a note but I told them that the wipes were toxic and I need to stay away from them… The next morning I go to the cabin to get breakfast and I walk into the meeting hall and it’s just overwhelming, every bottle of hand sanitizer has aloe in it it just takes my breath away!! so I had to leave my keyboard there and come home from camp …the only good this is that I got to spend two days with my mom. and we had a good time.

So right after that ice start looking for things to do about this allergy because it’s really ruining my life, and I found a service dog organization that specializes in allergy alert dogs, well I’ve been looking at service dogs for a while now because of the Tourette’s… But I keep getting told that I’m not severe enough, not sick enough, to old… You know what I mean?   I felt like I need help  and nobody cares because I’m a grownup!! .  But, I looked for allergy dogs to but no one was willing to do  training on a dog for aloe because it’s not been done before, at least not documented.  But Angel service dogs said they’d be willing to try… I’m so touched they’d be willing to try and I got a lot of my paperwork together, but I needed to get a note from my doctor saying that I have these allergies.


So I go two days ago… And they refused to give it to me because they feel like there’s not enough documentation of my aloe allergy and that it’s not severe enough, it’s not bad enough, and that there is no reason for me to be that and really I’m just doing it for attention… Times do you have to go into anaphylactic shock, or lease start going into anaphylactic reaction before someone takes it seriously? and I know that aloe is a rare allergy but it’s getting more common with the stuff being everything. so I had to make appointment with an allergist who wants me off of all of my allergies stuff for a week before  I’m already miserable!!!! I’m a total hot mess without it!! oh, and the office that I always go to.  Except for on Tuesday when I just went to the walk-in clinic because I don’t haveinsurance and I just had to go get  antibiotics because I’m sick from not taking my allergy stuff for a few days anyway … The office was aloe FROM WHEN I WALKED IN THE DOOR so I’m sitting there sounding like I have bronchitis and that still wasn’t enough to convince them of my problem

funny thing about them not giving me the note confirming my aloe allergy is that I got discharge papers that have it listed is my allergy on it and that’s enough documentation for the service dog people.  Because it’s a document from my doctor’s office. so they said I’d get a call back on Friday and they never did!!! I feel like it might be time for me to find a new doctor because they don’t take me seriously… I know I can be a handful, I know I have a lot of problems and, bit of a hypochondriac… But since Dr. Adam left the practice and this new woman got there… blah… oh, I owe them money too…I feel like I owe money to everybody.  Sometimes.

So hopefully I would be on the allergy dog website soon, and I’ll be a will post the link on here and give you guys updates for when I know anything…

Speaking of updates…. My disability hearing was scheduled for September too, it’s going to be on the 8th in the morning… Kinda scared about that too, and my lawyers pissed because I haven’t got my paperwork to her and the updated record stuff hasn’t arrived and they want money that I don’t have. I know I have to go down there on Monday and drop off everything that I can to them and run a budget errands to get paperwork filled out… I’m dragging my feet because I’m scared of what they’re going to say.  And I know that’s wrong.  And I know that this is the right thing to do… I just have to get myself motivated to go take care of it…

I just wish I knew what to do about the records, they didn’t get there yet and I need to get more records it’s probably only because I try to get them before and they said I owed the money and I never could pay it… So I don’t know.


okay, I think this post is almost long enough…

One more thing!!!! I quit the old bakery and I started a new one on Monday.  It’s pretty good so far.  The only bad thing is that the guy work with really likes talk radio… And it’s all like the paranormal channels… It drives me pretty crazy… but compared to what I went through the last place I could deal with anything!

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