Muller Yogurt and the GoVoxBox review

I’m still not up to talking about my medical stuff… so I’m going to continue enjoying my #GOVOXBOX from #Influenster! To get my #MullerQuaker badge. So, I have a bunch of things I get to answer so I might get the excitement of ANOTHER voxbox…or coupons… or free stuff! It makes me so happy and so excited. 

Oh, before I forget… I have to do the usual disclaimer. I got the coupon for the #MullerQuaker yogurt for free, complements of Influenster for testing and review purposes


I use to hate yogurt, I use to hate anything that had that texture to it… it just grosses me out. I hated the texture until I met GREEK YOGURT. Now it’s something I don’t just eat, I enjoy! it’s really funny to me how my opinion changed. I really like it for a snack either after I get out of work in the morning, or in the afternoon before I go to bed (3rd shift problems, you know). I always feel like I’m hungry but never want to eat something heavy when I know I’m just going to fall asleep anyway! So, this makes the perfect thing for me. I like putting some fresh berries and my homemade granola on top too. I like the crunch the granola adds… and I just love fresh berries. 

It asked me for a tip, I’m not so sure I have any tips other than not to be scared to branch out… if I let myself be too …um… held by by thinking that I don’t like yogurt I never would have tried this for the first time and never would have known that I liked it! 

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