When someones life is like an Everclear song…

God, you make me so mad sometimes … I just don’t understand. You act like such a victim sometimes… just join in the games. I left before because I was tired of your shit, and tired of you constantly putting these posts up everywhere to make EVERYTHING all about you ALL the time … because it’s not ALL ABOUT any one of us … we’re a group… we succeed and fail together through this fucked up disorder… but I swear to god… the more you keep doing shit like this and forcing yourself to the outside the worse you’re going to get. Me leaving wasn’t the answer, me leaving was a temper tantrum over not thinking I could control my mouth when I thought the way you handled WHATEVER the problem was turned out to be completely immature and pointless. 

That ‘public shaming’ thing, doesn’t work … all it does it make people mad and in the end NO BODY knows who the hell you’re talking about because you’re not telling the person with the problem … so then you feel like an asshole and end up on the OUTSIDE, again … and blame yourself. 

I get OCD, I understand depression … I have about 1/2 of the illnesses you do in my own forms … and because of that THERE WILL BE CLASHES between people… we’re not perfect… Christ on a bike…with all the problems we have I’m suprised to think that we get along at all sometimes as a unit. 

Did you forget that part?! This isn’t the outside neurotypical world… this is a different way of working together. If you want to step back, step back … but I really don’t think it’s fair you said what I NEED. You don’t know what I want, or what I need because you’re always talking all about yourself… hell, I do that a lot too… I talk about myself, and my problems WAY too much for one person…

but come on, Matt… really… we can work together to help here… but you have to stop telling yourself you don’t belong … and you don’t fit … and making it sound like high school… god…

One thought on “When someones life is like an Everclear song…

  1. Raven says:

    I keep losing mods on the C-PTSD forum to nervous breakdowns. 😦

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