Why does it have to be butterflies and unicorn farts anyway?

I get tired …


I get tired of the IEPs that accommodate everything to the point of breathing and taking a leak …I’m tired of people looking to cripple these kids so they cant function in the real world because “they have to advocate for themselves” …and wear a god damn target on their backs that’s SO BIG they can see it from space. … I’m sick of the “empowerment”

What is so wrong with just being upset about something? What is so wrong about just being mad?! why does it all have to be … like… butterflies and unicorn farts all the time? I get tired of parents, and people, who cant accept the reality that sometimes life sucks… and life isn’t far … and sometimes you have a disorder that “has you” … some days just blow. Why can’t that just be ok? Someday… you’re not going to have your mom wiping your behind for you… you’re going to have to grow up. 

How are they getting taught they’ll have to grow up? and have to survive in the outside world… life is hard… 

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