“If you can’t kill a deer without a gun, how can you expect to treat tics without Neuroleptics?” -Dr. Hou

Well, here I am…  with my apple, a jar of Biscoff… two fish in a cloudy tank, a house that looks like an entire calendar threw up in it… and the man I love. The one good thing about today is that this is stable… this is good… this is home base. Nothing can get me here. No words, no stupidity, no doubt. I am lucky…. no matter how upset or frustrated I get … no matter what happens with my medication… or without it…. 


The consult was today … and of course (just like when I had the one in February) there was an ice storm. Thankfully I didn’t have to take myself though… I think I’d have just blown it off … no, I’d not do that… I like to think that I would but I’d have just cried my way there. it went poorly… very very poorly… Im considered one of the worst cases but too bad for them to treat me. my heart is broken, my feelings are hurt… 


and… I want to talk about it … but i want today to get better not worse.

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