The choices we make…

So… according to the hand book for Building 5, if you call out within your 90 days you can be fired. So… of course I get sick and of course I had to go to the doctor and of course I had to call out … I hated having to do it. So, I get to work on Thursday and of course they tell me all about the times they’ve all been written up … and how everything crosses the Executive Directors desk and they’ll have to have a word with me … 

I was advised not to talk to her … let it wait… 


I cant listen … I need to talk to her. I’m out of Paxil, my OCD is spiraling out of control… so I go to her office and we have a chat… she’s not writing me up… they have no problems with me, only glowing things. They like me. I felt like a gigantic OCD weight was lifted off my shoulders. 


Sometimes I feel like people don’t understand. I don’t -not listen- because I want to … sometimes I don’t listen because I have no choice in the matter… there’s going to be no peace for me until I have an answer. Or a panic attack…

One thought on “The choices we make…

  1. ❤ I am so glad they are such an understanding work place (as a whole)!

    I truly feel you, I get told I have a one track mind or I just keep on thinking of things way past when others have been able to let go or forget, I won't have peace until there is an answer, or a resolution, or a certain project is done.

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