the whole “batkid” fiasco, and how replaceable you really are

So, Most people saw on the news how San Francisco decided to drop 105K on one child in remission from Leukemia. Ok, don’t get me wrong… Cancer sucks and no one should have to go through that. Also, Make-A-Wish is a good thing for children who are severely ill… But seriously. You shut down a city for one child, in remission … what about all the children who are chronically ill with a whole slew of diseases or disorders that might not =kill= them physically, but will crush their souls or make them suffer physically and mentally for the rest of their lives? What about the children who are hungry because of food stamp cuts, children who can’t read or do maths because of education cuts … what about the sick children who don’t have insurance, or adequate insurance for their health, their teeth…

yes, yes … I know… CHIP and OBAMACARE and all this other crap… But, that’s in the process. How is it socially just to spend so much money  …but, when I was in college we talked about  the broad concept of Social Justice being the fair and compassionate distribution of the fruits of economic growth. I don’t see how this was fair, although compassionate, to do this. I think about all the families and the children I know with Dystonia, or Tourette’s… Stiff-Person-Syndrome … Mitochondrial disease! But, Cancer gets so much funding… and so many other things are so hardly known … It’s just like … sometimes I don’t understand how this world works. 


I know, me and everyone else in this world…Nothing makes any sense. 


So, one of the girls I work with got fired today … I almost felt bad for her because she blamed panic disorder for her problems here among other things. I felt terrible for it, but I also had a moment of seeing myself a few jobs ago. I can see a lot of my past in her present. I feel sad for her that she’s out of work so close to the holidays with a family to take care of … but I’ve had to learn a lot of things in a hard and painful way. I’m at a better place now then I ever was… but it’s so hard sometimes to see other people in that place I was. Times have changed, I’ve learned its better to keep my head down and mouth shut than make trouble … I’ve learned that just agreeing is better, and sometimes… all the time… its not worth arguing over. Do my job, clean up, do my best… and leave it all at the door.


No post tomorrow, unless I feel like trying to play with this on my Tablet… Saturday we’re going to be at New Jersey Runs for Tourette Syndrome….I’m beyond not up to running, but we’re going to show support. 


and the really sad thing is that when I’m crazy sick… my stupid tics and my dysto get better. I’ll never understand that. So many other people get worse when they’re sick… but mine get tolerable. I have DIFFERENT sick tics then I do when I’m well. I’ve got a whole different set of facial tics, ear tics, all sorts of other stupid and painful ear popping and snorting things. lots of clicking and throat clearing and all sorts of other crap… even if it’s not =that= kind of sick. 

One thought on “the whole “batkid” fiasco, and how replaceable you really are

  1. jg says:

    Yes !!!!
    The year I was suffering due to badly herniated disc. Even when pain reduced.
    My best year ever for the dystonia.

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