“There’s an ugly buzz that hovers just above the quiet, Found a way to make it silent…”

I talk a lot about my tics… and about a lot of other downright NOISE that goes on in and around me… but I’m not sure that I’ve really explained for myself, and for anyone else who reads this about my OCD and it’s other nonsense … and I have to make this all quicker than I want… since I like … have one more day of work to go and I have to TRY to get some sleep.

I have lots of problems when it comes to my OCD… and how it makes my life go along. There are things I can’t touch, rituals I have to do in order to feel secure. We’ve been working on redoing the bathroom floor, it use to be carpeted…

20131115_5… see, totally revolting… but it got to a point where I just snapped and so did Bunny. We just couldn’t take it anymore. There’s no reason for this kind of crap. Even thought we’re tight on money we invested in some floor tiles… not the one you can see…  no wait … look at this picture … This is what we found under that carpet….20131115_7

So this is what Davis did about it. 20131117_3No, its not finished yet, but it will be…. I sorta like it because it matches my kitchen curtains. 


 20131117_4But, right here… this is the problem… Everything got put in the tub, and if you look really hard you’ll see my shower flipflops right in the bottom of all the mess under cleaning products… Yes. There is the problem right there. I have Sensory issues and serious OCD issues when it comes to the “ends” and “bottoms” of things. I cannot touch the bottom of a tub, or a sink… or eat the “ends” of anything. Forever. It’s hard for me … So, I felt a bit made fun of because after Davis got everything OUT of the tub I still cant touch those flip flops.

Now they’re contaminated.

and the dishwasher is running …

and they’re contaminated.

and he doesn’t get it….


I had to find another pair of flip flops for me to shower but now I cant touch the sink, or the tub bottom, or anything else. It makes me feel bad. There’s so much stuff I can’t do … so many things I can’t do … because I can’t touch them. He got them out… They’re just going to sit there until I remember to get a pair of gloves so I can pick them up or wash them … ugh…

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