Hitting the floor (and not like a party rocker)

My tics suck. I think that’s the best way to start this whole thing… again… as usual. Oh, and I’m tired of being tired….but I know that’s just part of how things are for me. I want to do more to support our family and not feel like I’m being just… a leach… or lazy… or damaged… But my tics suck and I’m usually tired either from them, or from the medication. 


Today was another one of those days … and I really do tolerate where I work. Building 5 is definitely not the worst place I’ve ever been. There are a lot of things that are good about it, and a lot of things that are just =a job= about it. So that’s a good thing. Know what I mean? Not good, not bad… just, work. 


Oh hell, I’m too tired to do this tonight … I want to tell you all about the attack I had that lasted over an hour today…like the one where I ended up on the floor in full seizure style. The one boss was nice, and was ok with it…but … it lasted over an hour … and then when I got back to my department I had to run and do service up in 5-2 and copy the bird singing and everything else

… so I get back from that still feeling like hell … I got yelled at for not cleaning up my station and was told that I’m “unacceptable” … my answer was seriously… almost the F-word….but … I smiled and thanked boss #2 for correcting me and assured him that I wont let it happen again, even if I’m on the floor having an episode…. and that I’ll make sure that I do better next time.  Everything still hurts from my episode, people thought I was having a seizure… it was awful…


…but I wanted to tell him to GDIAF…


…now I need to get some sleep. 


2 thoughts on “Hitting the floor (and not like a party rocker)

  1. Lynda Appell says:

    Hi Juliet. I really like your personable blog. You’re a talented writer. I see a side of you that touches me, a fellow Ticcer.

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