I dreamed a dream… and it was flipping twisted

So, I don’t normally remember my dreams… in theory I =have= to dream because I sleep…. but normally I have no idea what gets left behind. Except… a few days ago, and it keeps coming back to bother me. 


I’m in the car… and we’re driving towards my moms from Clinton but everything around us is on fire. It looks like the scene from Sonic 3 after you fight Fire Breath? 



But, New Jersey…we were heading to her house … and everything around us was flames…So, when we went to my parents house for the Old Mans birthday on the 25th, I actually couldn’t have Davis drive that way to get to their house… I was so freaked out. I kinda thought it was like what nuclear war would look like or something… I don’t know. It freaked me out. I’ve been too lazy to go and get my dream dictionary and see what it has to say about that. Part of me doesn’t want to know, just because it’s always something so benign and like (why was I worried about it?! or scared by it?!) 

I think it’s just the idea of doom about having to go see the old man for his birthday, I’ve still not recovered from the last fiasco with him where “bakers are a dime a dozen, why would I need you” … granted, he’s always been a dick…but STILL…

Imageyep, happy family right there


Wait… where was I? Oh yeah… A totally different topic! Like last nights picture showed I got my crutches!! I’m so excited to use them! So far they’re red… my chair was red too when I got it but we took care of THAT little problem… I think i’ll paint them to match my chair… I love that paint it’s amazing… and there’s always spray for plastic stuff too, or I could make a cover… the past few days my tics and stuff haven’t been too too bad… that’s been a perk… I think… it’s always weird when my med doses change again …even if its just a little adjustment it makes a big difference… like taking the Clonidine at 4-6 hours instead of 8… it’s back to doing the stupid charting of symptoms….seeing when it wears off… what I need to do about it… when to take a whole or a half… once that’s over it makes life easier…maybe. 


My optimism fails constantly. So, today is baking, beading and crutch dis-assembly and painting… photographic evidence to follow… and potentially more of my oddities and ramblings … 


Oh, and the lovely Margie has finally convinced me that I need to turn Confessions of a Girl into a real book … more information to follow… 


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