From one bzzzagent …to the rest of the world.

Well, sometimes we have to do things for a bigger cause … like bragging… or getting free stuff… or even for advocacy. Usually I like to piss and moan about my life, my brain and my other problems … but tonight instead of my usual ‘The Daily’ I’m doing bit of a BzzzReport for points! Bwahahahah.

So, for all of you looking for insight into my life… well, not so much here…But, if you want to actually have my opinion about like … a really amazing, allergy friendly, making my issues better product that’s marketed to Neurotypicals!

Ever since July when the lovely Saroar told me about it, I’ve been a member of BzzAgent, and they sent me products to review and stuff to eat and this time I got 6oz of Curel Intensive healing daily cream for extra dry or sensitive skin. Well, When they were looking for the perfect person to send this stuff too… they couldn’t have picked someone better than me. Like most people know (except Jono) I’ve not only got super sensitive skin, 10,000 allergies and Dermatillomania. 

According to the smart-asses at Wikipedia= Dermatillomania: AKA: excoriation (skin-picking) disorder, neurotic excoriation, pathologic skin picking (PSP), compulsive skin picking (CSP) or psychogenic excoriation. An OCD/Anxiety related disorder that causes a severe picking of skin all over the body, often to the extent that damage is caused.

Well, I pick at my legs, my arms, my face the worst of all, rip the skin off the cuticles of my nails and blah blah blah… Also, I have the fantastic Tourette’s related scratching until you bleed tic.

Like I said, They must have had some good idea to send this to me…. and I started to use it over a week ago… after a bit of paranoia at if it would work, would it work well, would it somehow be contaminated and make me sick… would it be magical… could I even afford this with coupons afterwards. But, I had a rinse, exfoliated with my green tea-sea salt and Olive oil scrub and whip out the pot of Curel and remembered Sara telling me how heavy and greasy she feels that it is.

I went carefully… I went slowly… just dipped the pad of my index finger into the pot and started slowly. I was a little turned off right away with the fact that I actually had to touch it at all… my sensory issues get overwhelmed with anything like that …

At first, my cranky skin felt like it was on fire from it because it was so irritated and inflamed all over … but slowly the flames began to go out and using a little bit at a time I hit all the important parts….as long as I went lightly with it the consistency didn’t bother me too much, as long as I went slow I didn’t start to freak out.

For the rest of the day the incredible scratching was kept to a minimum…which was amazing. I didn’t have the trigger (whatever that is) to make myself do that… it was amazing and kinda relaxing in a disturbing way. Also, by the end of the day I started to see small subtle changes in my skin… it was kinda nice to not be so red all over either.

So… its been a while and slowly but surly as long as I remember to put it on regularly/daily I might be able to keep the sensory torture down to a minimum… 🙂

I like this stuff. it’s good!

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