“What IS going on from your neck down?”

I think in my old age part of me wants to turn into a mall rat….I’m kinda enjoying getting to go now that I have my chair… the mall is usually kinda scary…. I always have to worry about whats going to happen if I have an attack and no one is there that knows me or can help me…


Ugh… I wanted to talk about the lady at the clinique counter… but… I have to get back to it … its going to have to be my post for tomorrow… the only thing I want to say right now is that my body is very, very tired… but… I’m doing good with my sample collecting… and 


The only thing going on from my neck down is pure, concentrated awesome. Thank you for asking.


::End transmission… more in 12 hours, now… shower::

One thought on ““What IS going on from your neck down?”

  1. kaitrana says:

    Searches futilely for a “Like” button and belatedly realizes this is not Facebook……. but still “Likes” it just the same. And PS: Those twats at the makeup counter are shat-spewers. Dont take anything that comes out of their mouths seriously. Hugs!!

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