I’m so tired…

Well, Saturday I went overboard… and I stained the deck, and the fence… 



and I started all that and was in a ton of pain … then Sunday was Johanna’s DBS/graduation party. All of us ticcers were there. It was fun to be surrounded by people like me, and people who get it. So much fun! I loved it. But I love her family too… I’m working on a small extra present for her. I can’t wait until it gets delivered.

And I got pegged in the face with a volleyball while we were playing. it really messed up my glasses … But, being all ridgid and stuff didn’t stop having fun… and my mom came up yesterday… we had a good day and got a bunch of other things done that I had to do too… that was fun…

and today I’m home alone… I made some really good progress on my sorting and cleaning… I still want to try to improve this place more… I know we can… just one more room to paint… a few more things to organize… and once I get those swagbucks gift cards… I can get furniture too. I was talking to my mom about my anxiety today too… turns out she gets the same sick feelings that I do where the panic starts to rise looking at this stuff that I want to get done to improve our life… well, I mean she gets it about her life… you know what I mean…

Oh well, until then… I really need to go lye down… I ticced so badly the past few days the pain level is worse… and I’d like to get it to go away…so… I’m going to get some sleep… 

2 thoughts on “I’m so tired…

  1. redzhis says:

    Hi Juls,

    Guess what, after my last consult with my previous neurologist here in UK (before I fired her) I started to really question the validity of many of these so called medical experts because their utterances betray the depth of their ignorance and unwillingness to listen and learn. She said the same thing to me and I called her out on it, only for her to start mumbling meaningless crap . Not only did she promptly collect fees for nothing but she
    had the guts to still offer her ‘services’ if I still ‘needed’ them (guess someone has to be mentally reassessed)

    However, we’ve gotta hold our heads high regardless of Dystonia and refuse to succumb but grasp the reins of our lives and live.


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