Today was a good day for me … sorta… I got a lot of sleep and the hives are going down… turns out i'm violently allergic to mosquito bites too. That really stinks… and after I fell asleep so early last night I ended up getting up at 3am and found the WHOLE HOUSE WAS A STYE… I was so mad. Davis was up so much later then I was and he couldn't even do the dishes!? We have a dish washer… so of course I had to get the house cleaned… it isn't good for my mental health to have the house be like that…

and then I'm getting crap about how I'm not like… into sex…well, it's hard for me to want to be in the mood knowing that I feel like I have to be constantly cleaning up after a grown man…when he should like… be able to help a bit with stuff like that…

Oh, and I couponed my brain out this morning too… I won a give-a-way for a coupon for pork…and I won $50 from a soap company but the webpage was being dumb… so I FBed them with a screenshot and I hope it helps me.

ok… starting to feel better… and the job interview is tomorrow!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH…. 

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