well fuck.

I WOKE UP!!! I've slept for over 18 hours… I accidentally took double my requip yesterday… I don't know how the hell I did that… I can't wait to get the time releace again so this doesn't happen anymore… EVER… so my blood pressure was constantly tanking… and I couldn't stand up without blacking out … and I constantly had the sweats and felt terrible… but I've not ticced since I took it, and still haven't had any problems since I got up…I still feel a bit strange, but i'm not moving… thats good.

Julep charged me for the monthly maven kit and I didn't want it … but thankfully I have the jewels to get it for free. I can't wait for that to get credited back to my account …We can't afford for me to get something like that when money is so tight (always) ….

Since that happened… I have NO MONEY to go do laundry… so because I love my man I'm going to do some of his laundry in the sink and hang it out to dry 🙂

and I called about that job I applied for 3 weeks ago, they said I might not hear anything until monday… I'm worried…

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