So much for that…

Davis is home from work already… I said I would go do the laundry and that didn't work out too well either… so I'll be home taking care of him today and hoping that I don't get sick too… So much for that… He did give me some crap about not going yesterday and knowing I'm not going today either… whatever… don't start with me man.

Yesterday was a very hard day… But, today I also found out that the antiparkinsons med that I depend on to keep myself not constantly in a  FMD nightmare is going to be covered IN TOTALY by GSK for the next few years for me. It'll be mail delivered to my door every month and I am so thankful. It's over $800 a refill and when I had insurance we struggled to pay for it. I feel secure… finally…

my gratitude is immense right now. Sadly, they don't cover two of my other medications … but, I can move one over to another store and get it for 50% less then I am paying … and the other ones I can get mail order from Walmart and that is going to help too. for as upset as I was yesterday… today I am grateful.

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