This has been a crazy day! The hearing was pretty hysterical… i was pretty stressed but when we got there … the weis woman was kind late and then she had no evidence while I have and was able to present all of mine. Im just glad my mom could come and be my witness at the trial … that was good too … but they said it could take upto or over a week to hear what the decision is… that part kinda sucks… Im kinda hoping I win it a lot we need the income … we need it bad. But, I spent my time pretty well and got all my paperwork together and organized … but i never really got to do a lot of the other stuff ive had to do around this house… thats the only sad part of the whole mess… oh well I think i'll get to it after my dentist appointment …. OH!!! and my mom spent the whole day with me and we did the wash and went to share KFC too… thats about all … time for me to get some sleep… im about ready to pass out… today has been so busy and stressful

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